Paid Shanky Poker Bot Profiles

The profiles (ppl or txt files) are scripts that tell the bot how to play. It has to be loaded into the bot before you start play. The profiles programmed with an easy to learn poker program language. If you want to know how to program your strategy into the bot, check this out!

Please note that a profile author's graph result may will not guarantee you the same results! In poker everything is case and time sensitive (unstable). The graphs shows the profile author's results at the current testing time period with their own buyin and/or table selecting strategy and/or specific stakes, poker room types, etc... However these profiles can be very good for testing or experimenting or they can give you the best starting point to build your private profile!

We highly recommend that you develop your own private profile and don't share with anyone because it will give you the most benefits!

Examples of popular paid bot profiles (strategies):

The profile uses aggressive bluffs and well calculated push codes for critical situations. It uses the fold equity as many time as possible! It goes for the winning and not for the ITM! More info here...

Sonic HUSNG:


poker bot profile result

Tensor FL:

poker bot profile result

KGB Advanced:

poker bot profile result

Event Horizon:

poker bot profile result


poker bot profile result