How to program it? Easy to use Poker Program Language (PPL)

You can start code your unique poker strategy (profile) with poker program language (ppl) in a txt file editor. The profiles are scripts that tell the bot how to play. Profiles can be varied in strategies and complexity and each could be designed for a specific game type and/or limit.

We highly recommend to use an existing profile (e.g.: Egor's doodle) as a starting point when you start develop your private profile!

We also recommend to download and use the free notepad++ as a text editor. It has everything you will need to program your poker strategy.


PPL Structure and Elements:

When <Condition> <Action>

The <Condition> specifies a situation in which to take the specified <Action>. For example:
When hand = AK RaiseMax force

This is a simple preflop code. When you have Ace King, the bot goes allin any cases.

Variable Comparison Condition:

<Variable> <Comparator> <Value>
When hand = AK and raises < 2 RaiseMax force

In the above “Raises” is the <Variable>, the “<” symbol is the <Comparator> and “2” is the “Value”. This condition is true if the number of raises is less than 2 and the hand is Ace King, the bot goes allin.


A condition can be composed of other Conditions. Conditions can be combined using the boolean operators “And”, “Or” and “Not”.

When Not hand = AK and Raises >= 2 Fold force

Or more complex:
When (hand = AK or hand = AQ) and Raises < 2 RaiseMax force


Call – check if possible else call

RaiseMin - will raise minimum

RaisePot - will raise max if pot button not available and raise min if no other button available

Raise 3 - will raise 3 BigBlind and raise min if no other button available

Raise x - will raise x BigBlind and raise min if no other button available

RaiseMax - will raise pot if max button not available and raise min if no other button available

Fold - will check if available else fold
When hand = 72 Fold force
When hand = AA RaiseMin force

or more complex:
When hand = 98 suited and Calls >= 2 and Raises = 0 Call force

That means it will call if you have 9 8 suited and 3 or more people called (limped) before you and no raises before you.


In poker the position is everything, we hear it a lot. It is key to know especially post flop if you are on the button or on the small blind or on the big blind or none of them.

When In Button and calls = 0 and Bets = 0 and hand = 72 Bet 75% force

Simple example that we bluff with in position, because we expect the opponent to fold since he doesn't bets on flop. We have the last say on what the bet is.

StillToAct = 2

is also a tool for determine our position. However it is mainly good for preflop. And you can always put a "Not" before any conditions:

When Not In Button and calls = 0 and Bets = 0 and hand = 72 call force

in this case "call force" will be a check action since there was no bets on flop.

Custom Bet Sizing:

Finding the correct Bet size is a very important part of the strategy. The poker bot can Bet/Raise X percentage of pot with simple commands:

When  ............  Bet 70% force 

bets 70% of the pot, note that Bet is never available preflop, only postflop!

When ............ Raise 150% force 

raises by 150% of the entire existing pot size, note that Raise is always raise by, not raise to.

More info can be find in the "PPL guide" pdf which comes with the robot software...