Download Free Shanky Profiles

These Profiles are made by shanky forum members for free usage. Be careful when using them. They can contain many bugs, bad moves, semi-finished strategies.

The raw usage is not recommended! Use them as a starting point to your private profile!

Tournament Profiles :

Seven v.2.txt Tournament Profile (155.99 KB)

Hybrid Final Edition.txt (570.70 KB)

Lucky´s Gus Hansen MTT.txt (399.26 KB)

Lion MTT v.10.txt (194.04 KB)

Minestacker MTT v.7.3.txt (138.17 KB)

Doodle MTT v.94.txt (145.63 KB)

Millennium Tournament No Limit Profile (the free version)

Lose aggressive Lucky1.txt (104.57 KB)

Lucky1´s grinder Mtt.txt (69.80 KB)

Kill Phil.txt (68.90 KB)

The Donkey MTT Profile.txt (40.79 KB)

Webbers Great MTT Code.txt (13.95 KB)

Freeroll profile.txt (37.52 KB)

Free Sit $ Go Profiles:

Lucky1´s Lee nelson sng strategies

1$ buyin

5$ buyin

$10 buyin

20$ buyin

30$ buyin

Lucky1´s Popular SNG Profile v.2 .txt (157.44 KB)

Tetres SNG profile

xiquetete's Full Ring Bodog Beginners Profile

HUSNG by pokerhitman.txt (152.86 KB)

Pokerhitman HUSNG1.txt (126.38 KB)

HU-Slansky-Chubukov.txt (29.25 KB)

BabySng.txt (5.25 KB)

Sng.txt (19.03 KB)


Free Sit $ Go Double or nothing Profiles:

DON SNG Code.txt (29.91 KB)

Doodle Don 10 Max.text (148.69 KB)

Doodle Don 6 Max.txt (143.86 KB)

Free Fullring (9-10 seats) No Limit Cash Game Profiles:

Doodle Maniac.txt (117.12 KB)

Doodle Nit v.4.txt (155.26 KB)

Doodle v.91.txt (119.65 KB)

Wild Bill profile – for NL Cash Games

Lucky´s The Grinder.txt (113.37 KB)

Tag Grinder.txt (152.44 KB)

Gus v.1.0 by Lucky1.txt (99.90 KB)

Millennium Cash Game No Limit Profile (the free version)

Shapeshifter v.17

FooFighter v.5.0.txt (79.65 KB)

Myassen 4.txt (63.53 KB)

Myassen NL Cash.txt (45.22 KB)

Rush 9 Max.txt (39.07 KB) 

Pingu.txt (69.47 KB)

Miracelworker v.5.2.txt (165.88 KB)

MSS.txt (127.43 KB)

Free Shortstack No No Limit Cash Game Profiles

Zoom v.4.txt (44.04 KB)

ShortStack By Scout.txt (9.29 KB)

Tight ShortStack.txt (16.30 KB)

Short Stack By lucky1.txt (10.90 KB)

Z Noob Short.txt (97.69 KB)

Free 6 Max (5-6 seats) No Limit Cash Game Profiles:

Millennium 6max No Limit Profile v.23.txt (150.91 KB)

lucky1´s nl6 max profiles L1 6max.txt (139.66 KB)

L2 6max.txt (110.64 KB)

Free Beep Code:

Beep Code.txt (2.62 KB)

Free Templates:

Zulu´s Preflop Template.txt (717 KB)

TheTigers Complete Framework Template.txt (48.3 KB)

Download All The Free ShankyProfiles Here

You can find more free profiles on the poker bot forum

To use a complete PPL profile from the forum (such as the MTT Kit + Doodle):

1. Copy the code - just the code, in purple, but all of it 
2. Paste into a blank Notepad (Start > All Programs > Accessories > Notepad) 
3. Save As 'whatever' into your bot folder 
4. Load by going to Holdem > Read Profile and typing in 'whatever.txt' 

Alternatves to step 4: 

A) Save As 'AutoProfileHoldem' and it will load automatically as the default profile every time you open a bot window 

B) Save As 'holdem_profile' and it will be the default name of the profile showing in the Read Profile window, saving any typing