September 16, 2020

Holdem Bot 10.6.5 Upgrade for PPpoker and iPoker

Hey guys, we made recent improvements in the Holdem Bot for PPpoker and a couple of specific iPoker sites.

For PPpoker we fixed the bot to automatically resize the window, so we don’t need to use the Autosizer app any more. This makes the setup a lot easier. You still need to rename the bot file and delete the original desktop shortcut (that says holdembot), but other than a 338x600 table size in the app, English language, and 2-color deck that’s it – load a profile and play (try the 6Pack profile in these super soft cash games).

For iPoker we specifically fixed Netbet in France and Red Star in Russia. You guys are good to go, just make sure you follow the other setup instructions in our PDF file including the betting button configurations.

You can download Holdem Bot version 10.6.5 right now at:

Here are some recent customer comments:

"Got the bot today and it's been to 2 final tables already. Just took down my first one. Thank you very much :)"

"The bot literally cashed 5 first places in SNGs in the last 2 days on Bovada"

"I've made more than the cost of the bot license from freerolls alone”

Here is a customer-submitted screenshot of a 2nd place finish at America's Cardroom for a $910 cash in the $25K Guarantee. He says the bot played the entire event until it got heads up and then he took over and “screwed it up.” He swears if he just let the bot finish it, he would have taken first.
Current Site & Platform Support:
Ignition, Bodog, & Bovada are fully supported and all working great.
The WPN Network (Americas Cardroom, Poker King, Black Chip, True Poker) are now fully re-supported again for cash games, tourneys, and Blitz Poker on their latest software platform.

iPoker support: Most iPoker sites in most countries are currently supported. And that's a lot of sites!
PPpoker is fully-supported for 6-max and 9-max tables and now can multi-table with only one account. Be sure to read the updated Easy Start Guide! (We also can help you with the setup by Teamviewer upon request.)
UPoker is in late beta testing. If you would like to participate in the final beta testing phase please visit our support forum. We hope to assign it a status of "fully supported" very soon.
France: The bot currently works at in both the French and English language, but should also work on any other iPoker site there now including Netbet
Italy:,,, and all now work in both the Italian and English languages, plus the bot should work at all other iPoker sites here now.
Spain:, and are now all working in Spain, plus the bot should work at all other iPoker sites here now.
BetOnline and are both still supported, but new extra stealth measures are required as they are scanning folders on your PC looking for our bot. Our latest PDF instructions show you the easy tricks required for not getting flagged (and if you do, they only send you a polite warning email).
That's it for now. If you need a license, there's a link on the bot menu for purchasing one, or else feel free to reply to this email if you need special purchasing instructions for Bitcoin, Skrill, or Western Union (which you can quickly send with a credit card online now). Have fun at the tables and we'll see you or your bot at the final table soon.