July 4, 2020

New MTT Butcher v8

New Version 8 (2020.Jun.26):
- Open Holdem (ohf) version fixed opponent sitting out detection code.
3-4-5 bet structure changes.
- Premium hands code changes against allin.
- Total Invested code changes in Ohf version: made more fit for open holdem occasional missreads.
Early Stage Logic re-designed according to Poker Tracker data for better results.
- Deepstack Open Raise changes.
- New Defend BigBlinds Late Stage added.
- Flatting One Raise code changes.
- New SB limp-Call range
- New re-designed flop c-bet and IP, OOP post flop codes.

New Version 7 (2020.Jun.12):
- Open Holdem (ohf) version made more fitted for inhuman poker: now it shows the executing code line while playing.
Many improvements on the preflop code.
- Many bad moves and code parts are corrected.
- Made more fit for the 2020 avg. opponent types.
- New better Short Stack logic.

"MTT Butcher" is our private profile mixture development for MTT-s

You will not find this profile on the official shanky forum, because it's our (shankybotprofiles.com) privately developed profile mixture and Shanky wouldn't allow profile mixtures on their forum!

The profile includes parts from other popular profiles! But 90% of the preflop code is our development!

The profile's price may increase in the future to avoid the over saturation!

Potential future updates: $9 fee per new update, developing fee for the continuous improvements!

MTT Butcher has now Open Holdem version too (ohf)!
We recommend inhuman-poker.net for the best Open Holdem experience. 

MTT Butcher is a large field Multi-Table Tournament profile. A good mixture of some official shanky forum profiles + our unique code parts and code modifications and corrections of the existed profiles parts! The Preflop is 90% our code! MTT-s are mainly preflop game after passing middle/late stages of the torunament. So preflop is the most essential part for winning MTT-s on the long term.

Please Note: If you buy MTT Butcher from other sources you may get a spoiled version of the profile! The only official source is "shankybotprofiles.com" !

Video preview about the txt code and the Notepad++ Fold/Unfold system:

This profile uses aggressive bluffs, pushes, steals, 3-Bet, 4-Bet, 5-Bet and well calculated tactics for critical situations. It uses the "fear equity" as many times as possible. Since the bot has no emotions this is the best way to utilize its abilities and make advantages of the stressful situations over the human players!

The profiles uses GTO Theory for different Ranges. But it's strategy also uses avg. player behavior and statistics.

We spend tremendous amount of time and money while testing and tweaking this profile on real tournaments, so you don't have to!

The profile mainly aims for the final table 1-3 places! Not for the ITM, because ITM is useless!

It has also a well playing HU strategy logic to give a fair fight and good chance for the 1st place! HU strategy developed based on many real money HUSNG games!

The profile has been well performed in several type of MTTs. The larger the field the better the results will be! Also better with "deepstack" MTT-s!

Compatible with any No Limit Holdem MTT tables types: 6-max, 8-9-10-max.

Good for Re-buy or KO-Bounty-Hunter MTT-s too!

MTT Butcher is also crushing on Daily Freerolls (opponents are extremely bad on freerolls)!

We continuously improve the profile using real player statistics and poker tools like Poker Tracker and Flopzilla.

New 2020 Test Results on $0.5-$1 Tournaments: 95% ROI after 210 MTT-s:
Last Graph Update: 2020.Jul.03.

Poker Tracker Stats by Position:

Old Graph1 (before 2019):

Old Graph2 (before 2019):

MTT Butcher has more than 15000 code of lines (with spaces) And the size is above 1.5 MB.

Main parts of the profile (you can fold-unfold parts with Notepad++):

  • User Defined Variables
  • WebMTTAggGen2 v6_0_1 User Defined Variables
  • 3-Bet Re-Raises StackSize >= 26
  • 4-Bet AllIn
  • 5-Bet-Allin
  • Premium Hands
  • TotalInvested Calls/Allins/ShortStacks
  • Hero ShortStack Logic
  • Heads Up Bot Logic
  • -EV Necessary Pushes
  • Early Stage Logic
  • Open/Limped Pushes <=13 StackSize
  • Open/Limped Pushes 14-25 StackSize
  • Open/Limped Pushes/Raises 26-34 StackSize
  • DeepStack: Open Raises >=35 StackSize
  • Secondary Limped-Pushes <26 StackSize
  • Re-Raise Push Range
  • Multi-Raises OR Raise-Calls
  • Re-Steal Push (3Bet) Strategy <26 StackSize
  • Defend BigBlinds Late Stage
  • Flatting One Raise, StackSize >=26
  • Kill The ShortStacks
  • Stealing From Mid-Stack, Mid+ Stage
  • SB limp-Call when Others limped before
  • Blockers
  • Safety Net: WebMTTAggGen2 v6_0_1 Corrected Preflop
  • TotalInvested Calls/Allins
  • Never Fold with Strong Made Hands
  • Flop C-Bet Late Stage
  • Flop C-Bets Allin <=15
  • Safety Net: AA KK Call Allins
  • AK Play Against Small Bets
  • Against Small Bets
  • In Position PostFlop, Flatted Before Flop
  • Out Of Position PostFlop, Flatted Before Flop
  • IP PreFlop Aggressor, Flop C-Bets
  • Flop Final Parts
  • WebMTTAggGen2 v6_0_1 FLOP
  • TotalInvested Calls/Allins
  • Never Fold with Strong Made Hands
  • WebMTTAggGen2 v6_0_1 TURN
  • TotalInvested Calls/Allins
  • Never Fold with Strong Made Hands
  • WebMTTAggGen2 v6_0_1 RIVER