May 20, 2020

New MTT Butcher v6 released

New MTT Butcher v6 released on

New Version 6 (2020.May.04):
- Many improvements on the preflop code.
- Many bad moves and code parts are corrected.
- More optimized pushes/steals applied based on PokerTracker4 Stats.
- Most of the Open-Limping strategies are eliminated, according to PokerTracker it wasn't good for the bot.

"MTT Butcher" is our private profile mixture for Shanky's Holdem Bot!

You will not find this profile on the official shanky forum, because it's our ( privately developed profile mixture for poker tournaments!

The profile's price may increase in the future to avoid the over saturation!

Potential future updates: $9 fee per new update (administration and developing fee)!

MTT Butcher is a large field Multi-Table Tournament profile. A good mixture of some official shanky forum profiles like KGB Advanced, Event Horizon, WebMTTAggGen2, Millenium + our unique code parts and code modifications and corrections of the existed profiles parts! The PreFlop is 90% our code!

Please Note: If you buy MTT Butcher from other sources you may get a spoiled version of the profile! The only official source is "" !

Video preview about the txt code and the Notepad++ Fold/Unfold system:

This profile uses aggressive bluffs, pushes and well calculated tactics for critical situations. It uses the "fear equity" as many times as possible. Since the bot has no emotions this is the best way to utilize its abilities and make advantages of the stressful situations over the human players!

The profile mainly aims for the 1-3 places! Not for the ITM! Because ITM is useless!

It has also a well playing HU strategy to give a fair fight and good chance for the 1st place! HU strategy developed based on many real money HUSNG games!

The profile has been well performed in several type of MTTs. Recommended Buy-in range: $0.5 - $20

Compatible with any No Limit Holdem MTT tables types.

The larger the field the better the results will be! Also better with "deepstack" MTT-s!

Good for Re-buy or KO-Bounty-Hunter MTT-s too!

MTT Butcher is also crushing on Daily Freerolls (opponents are extremely bad on freerolls)!



MTT Butcher has more than 37000 code of lines (with spaces) And the size is above 2.8 MB.

Main parts of the profile (you can fold-unfold parts with Notepad++):

  • Premium Hands
  • TotalInvested Calls/Allins/ShortStacks
  • Heads Up Bot Logic 
  • -EV Necessary Pushes
  • Early Stage PS: <100 BBS
  • Open/Limped Pushes <=13 StackSize
  • Open/Limped Pushes 14-25 StackSize
  • Open/Limped Pushes/Raises 26-34 StackSize
  • DeepStack: Open Raises >=35 StackSize
  • DeepStack: BB Raise Against Limps >=35 StackSize
  • Secondary Limp-Push <26 StackSize
  • Secondary code for Limps >=26 StackSize
  • +EV Limp-Before-Raise Push Range
  • Multi-Raises or Raise-Calls
  • Re-Steal Push (3Bet) Strategy <26 StackSize
  • General +EV Re-Steal Push Code
  • 3-Bet Raise, StackSize >= 26
  • Squeezing 3-Bet, StackSize >= 11
  • 4-Bet Raises
  • 5-Bet-Allin
  • Flatting One Raise, StackSize >= 26
  • Kill The ShortStacks
  • Stealing From Mid-Stack, Mid+ Stage
  • Blockers
  • Safety Net: WebMTTAggGen2 v6_0_1 Corrected Preflop
  • Final Parts
  • TotalInvested Calls/Allins
  • Never Fold for Strong Made Hands
  • Flop C-Bets Allin <=15
  • Safety Net: AA KK Call Allins
  • AK Play Against Small Bets
  • SBRaiseminToBB
  • Lonely SB Call
  • Against Small Bets
  • IP Flatted Preflop
  • OOP Flatted Preflop
  • IP PreFlop Aggressor, Flop C-Bets
  • OOP PreFlop Aggressor, Flop C-Bets
  • Flop C-bet for Everything Else
  • Small Re-raise Against Our Flop C-bet
  • Flop Final Parts
  • WebMTTAggGen2 v6_0_1 FLOP
  • Safety Net: KGB 3.73 FLOP
  • Safety Net: EH 1.5 FLOP
  • Safety Net: Millenium v51 FLOP Parts
  • TotalInvested Calls/Allins
  • Never Fold for Strong Made Hands
  • Turn C-Allin Mid+ Stage
  • WebMTTAggGen2 v6_0_1 TURN
  • Safety Net: KGB 3.73 TURN
  • Safety Net: EH 1.5 TURN
  • Safety Net: Millenium 5.1 TURN
  • TotalInvested Calls/Allins
  • Never Fold for Strong Made Hands
  • Late Stage River C-Bets
  • WebMTTAggGen2 v6_0_1 RIVER
  • Safety Net: KGB 3.73 RIVER
  • Safety Net: EH 1.5 RIVER

Shared screenshots from our MTT Butcher users:

Nice iPoker 4th place with MTT Butcher in 2020:

A customer shared: he took the 1st place on a $6 buy-in tournament and won $187 with the MTT Butcher profile:

A customer shared: he took the 2nd place and won $4765 with the MTT Butcher profile:

A customer shared: he took the 1st place and won $1289 with the MTT Butcher profile:

A customer shared: he took the 1st place on a $22 buy-in tournament and won $2500 with the MTT Butcher profile:

A customer shared: he took the 3rd place and won $715 with the MTT Butcher profile:

Please Note! MTT Butcher's only official seller is anything else is fake and they play incorrectly!

May 18, 2020

The latest Holdem Poker Bot version is 10.2.2

The latest Holdem Bot version is 10.2.2 and contains important fixes for the continued recent series of WPN network updates (Americas Cardroom, etc), iPoker, and PPpoker. The user manuals have also been updated to include new WPN settings, plus a new information page explaining the playing strategies of the five profiles included with the bot.

And oh yeah, we threw in a new test profile so you can immediately test your poker room setup for bot functionality. It bets or raises a custom bet size at the first opportunity both preflop and on the flop. Just don’t forget to swap it out with a real profile once you verify functionality! (Unless you are on PPpoker in which case that strategy may actually win on some tables).

Please download Holdem Bot 10.2.2 right now, here:


One industry that has not suffered during the pandemic is online poker. The action is pretty hot, with lots of loose and inexperienced money being thrown around, as these recent unsolicited customer comments reflect:

“I just opened the bot and put it in an SNG with 9 players with no profile or special configurations, and the bot won it!”

“The 6pack is really a good profile. It has been a printing press for me this last week in cash games.”

“The Holdem Bot took 1st place in a large-field MTT at ACR, and this was in the midst of cashing deep in several other events as well. I am very happy with this software!”

And here is a screenshot of a second place win by the bot for $175 in a micro-stakes tourney at Bovada that someone sent us.

Current Site Support:
Ignition, Bodog, & Bovada are fully supported and all working great.
The WPN Network (Americas Cardroom, Poker King, Black Chip, True Poker) are now fully re-supported again for cash games, tourneys, and Blitz Poker on their latest software platform.

iPoker support: Most iPoker sites in most countries are now re-supported for their recent software changes. And that's a lot of sites!
PPpoker is fully-supported for 6-max and 9-max tables. There are a few tricks required to use the bot here, so be sure to read the updated Easy Start Guide! (We also have a video now posted to guide your through the setup.)
France: The bot currently works at in both the French and English language, but should also work on any other iPoker site there now
Italy:,,, and all now work in both the Italian and English languages, plus the bot should work at all other iPoker sites here now.
Spain:, and are now all working in Spain, plus the bot should work at all other iPoker sites here now.
BetOnline and are both still supported, but new extra stealth measures are required as they are scanning folders on your PC looking for our bot. Our latest PDF instructions show you the easy tricks required for not getting flagged.


Shanky Technologies Team

May 4, 2020 Crypto Trading is Better than Poker Botting?

CellBot vs Poker Bot needs less assistance than a Poker Bot. You need to attach the poker bot to the tables all the time. With CellBot you just hit the "START" button and that's it.
• Poker room fees are very high, sometimes more than 5% per tournamentBinance‘s trading fee is only 0.075% per trade! it’s much easier to make profit on a much lower fee market!
• Binance Exchange is fully anonymous, no ID verification needed! Poker rooms are restricted in many countries and not anonymous!
• You can trade 7/24 (all day) on Crypto markets. Poker is very periodical.
You can create your own strategies in both Poker Bot and CellBot.

What is CellBot?

CellBot is an automated all day working Excel based cryptocurrency trading bot.

Why Excel? Because Microsoft Excel is a highly user friendly platform. Most people already know their way around the software. Huge amount of information available online about improving Excel skills. Excel is the easiest, fastest and most effective way to create complex trading strategies without any programming skills!

You don't have to learn programming languages! All you need is basic Excel knowledge!

CellBot only supports BINANCE exchange!

How does it work?

The spreadsheet lists OHLC data from the crypto market and makes it simple for you to create any auto trading algorithms/strategies!

You can choose any crypto currency pairs from Binance Exchange.

You can trade 3 different crypto currency pairs at the same time with 1 CellBot license.

CellBot can send LIMIT Buy or Sell orders to Binance which are controlled by your current strategy (reaction time is 1-2 sec.)

CellBot comes with our default Complex Hybrid Strategy, which you can modify or completely delete if you want.

CellBot also includes 4 different simpler example strategy add-ons.

For more info visit: