October 13, 2017

Earn Bitcoin with your Poker Bot

More and more online poker rooms are accepting Bitcoin deposit and withdrawal, therefore now you can easily earn bitcoin with your poker bot!

Among those that our Poker Bot currently supports rooms from Winning Poker Network (VPN) which accept US players: America’s Cardroom, Blackchip Poker, True Poker. And Chico Network: BetOnline Poker, Sportsbetting.ag which also accept US players and bitcoin.

In addition, Neteller recently began accepting Bitcoin deposits – which pretty much means you can now use Bitcoin for online poker at any poker site you choose, if you live in a country that Neteller services.

The Bitcoin enthusiast community is an interesting group of people. They seem to be rebels at heart, seeking to live and conduct their personal business freely, outside the oppressive constraints of government scrutiny over every personal financial transaction. Well, who can blame them? Online poker is a good fit for this crowd, as cash moves back and forth across the felt free from outside interference. Bitcoin is essentially online cash, so its presence should only help the online poker industry which has been so negatively affected by unjustifiable government harassment in so many international venues. We feel this is a step back in the right direction. Poker players should be able to play where they want when they want, globally. We all desperately wish to see a return to those days.
Here are the best places to buy/sell bitcoins:

bitpanda.com (EUR based)

localbitcoins.com (any currency)

coinmama.com (USD based)