July 16, 2016

How to notice a poker bot?

Whatever you use bot or not it's good to know how to spot a poker bot. Some clever MTT players use the bot only at the early stages of the tournaments so spotting bots can be a very useful skill for them.

If you are using poker bot you can do preventive measures to not indicate the signs!

Most common sign:

- Players who play too much time and/or on too much tables. Of course some human players have this trait also. Protection: simply don't play too much time! And be realistic!

- Repeated use of certain bet-sizings. Many human do this too but you can protect from it yourself by writing codes which use random commands before make bet decisions in the ppl: "Random <= X" For example:

When Hand = AA
spot a poker bot
When raises = 0  and calls = 0  and Random <= 25  raise 189% force
When raises = 0  and calls = 0  and Random <= 50  raise 151% force
When raises = 0  and calls = 0  and Random <= 75  raise 126% force
When raises = 0  and calls = 0  100% force force

Identical timing on each decision: our bot has built-in random protection so don't worry about this!

- Will not respond in chat. It isn't a big sign but may be considered.

- Sit out at foreseeable times, for example when the table get shorthanded. You can prevent this too with proper ppl code.