July 18, 2016

Poker Bot takes 2nd in $25K GTD

Great news, you can go outside this summer and enjoy the weather. You can also take time to watch the WSOP if you like, because our bot will keep playing for you. Not only that, it will play pretty damn good, as these recent unsolicited customer comments reveal:

“Playing 6-max SNGs with the 6-pack profile and 90% in the money Monday-Friday, great job on this profile!”

“My bot had a BIG winning day today in cash games! Like so big I’m blown away!”

“First: Bot took 4th in a Freeroll at ACR today. Second: Put some of that money immediately to work in an MTT and now watching it at the Final 5.”

…And this screenshot was sent to us from someone who used the KGB Profile to take 2nd Place in the $25,000 Guarantee at Americas Cardroom for a $910 payday:

The current version of the Poker Bot is 8.1.6 and you can download that right now, here:

This version works at 888 Poker, Americas Cardroom, Bodog & Bovada, BetOnline, and several iPoker rooms including Bet365 on the new iPoker software (visit our forum for the new Bet365 settings). It also works at Titan and BetnGo on the classic iPoker software. We’ll be adding more sites soon, and as always all existing license holders will get the upgrades free.

Enjoy your summer and we’ll see you or your bot at the final table soon!

July 16, 2016

How to notice a poker bot?

Whatever you use bot or not it's good to know how to spot a poker bot. Some clever MTT players use the bot only at the early stages of the tournaments so spotting bots can be a very useful skill for them.

If you are using poker bot you can do preventive measures to not indicate the signs!

Most common sign:

- Players who play too much time and/or on too much tables. Of course some human players have this trait also. Protection: simply don't play too much time! And be realistic!

- Repeated use of certain bet-sizings. Many human do this too but you can protect from it yourself by writing codes which use random commands before make bet decisions in the ppl: "Random <= X" For example:

When Hand = AA
spot a poker bot
When raises = 0  and calls = 0  and Random <= 25  raise 189% force
When raises = 0  and calls = 0  and Random <= 50  raise 151% force
When raises = 0  and calls = 0  and Random <= 75  raise 126% force
When raises = 0  and calls = 0  100% force force

Identical timing on each decision: our bot has built-in random protection so don't worry about this!

- Will not respond in chat. It isn't a big sign but may be considered.

- Sit out at foreseeable times, for example when the table get shorthanded. You can prevent this too with proper ppl code.