June 27, 2016

Poker Bot version 8.1.6 Update for new iPoker

We’ve made progress on the new iPoker software. Poker Bot version 8.1.6 is now reported as working well at all game types including tournaments at Bet365 Poker. You can download 8.1.6 right now, here:

Please note because we are still technically in beta testing, the new iPoker settings are posted on the Discussion Board in our forum and are not yet in the user manual.

Meanwhile, Titan and BetnGo still provide the classic iPoker software. The poker bot is continuing to run like a champ there, as well as on the new 888 Poker, BetOnline, America’s Cardroom, and a handful of other sites. These recent unsolicited member comments tell the story:

“My bot just took 2nd in a guaranteed MTT out of 173 players using the standard MTT profile. $2.75 Buy in,  Won $313. Unbelievable!”

“In one night I took my account from my deposit of double digits to an excess of $500 all thanks to you guys! All with Doodle profile , 100% doodle and the MTT kit, you guys are poker gods.”

“The default profile makes me $200+ per month just running it at NL2 when I’m not doing anything else.”

Here is a screenshot of the Wild Bill profile on a heater in a cash game. It bought-in for $5 and is sitting on a $45 stack, now playing heads-up and still dominating.

There’s an abundance of ready-made profiles available in our support forum, just lock-n-load baby. Better yet, start with one you like and tweak it even more to your liking with just a few lines of instructions here and there – we’re happy to help you write those in the forum.

That’s it for now. If you need a license, there’s a link for buying one on the bot itself – or feel free to reply to this email and request special payment instructions. Have fun at the tables and we’ll see you or your bot at the final table soon.