September 15, 2015

New PPL Variable: Opponent Current Stack Size Now Available

We just released version 7.9.0 of the Poker Bot which incorporates a new numeric-valued PPL variable:

MaxCurrentOpponentStackSizeThe number of big blinds that the live opponent (who is still in the hand and not yet folded) with the largest current stack has in his stack at the moment when it is the bot’s turn to act. Can be used on the left of the % comparators to compare to your own stack size and is useful for identifying short-stacked opponents or determining that all the live opponents have your stack covered. Can be used preflop or post-flop.

It works at all supported poker rooms. The new PPL Guide (dated Sept 14) includes examples for using it in sections 3.2.1, 3.5.7, and  3.5.8.

This has been an often-requested feature in the past. So, you can now know your effective stack size – that is, whether your live opponent(s) has a short stack or has you covered at any point during the hand. Many of us are scrambling to update our tournament profiles to push with any two cards against extremely short stacks, and our cash game profiles to draw more liberally for small bets against large stacks.

Meanwhile, one of our members recently tested the default “Doodle” profile for 73,000 hands at NL2 cash games. It’s been awhile since someone posted results on this particular basic test. Here is his graph:

The default Doodle profile is now on version 108 and, as you can see, is playing better than ever. You can safely use it in full ring cash games up to NL10 (and maybe one step higher) especially to grind rakeback and clear deposit bonuses. But of course, if you prefer a more aggressive profile for 6-max cash games we have plenty of those available as well and we recommend you check out the 6pack profile or Wild Bill.
You can download Poker Bot version 7.9.0 right now, here:
…and start updating your own personal profile to include instructions based on your live opponent’s current stack size.
That’s it for now. If you need a license, there’s a link for buying one on the bot menu itself, or you can reply to this email for instructions on making a direct Paypal, Bitcoin, or Skrill transfer. Have fun manipulating your opponents based on their stack size and we’ll see you or your bot at the final table soon.