June 25, 2015

Good news for US players, the Poker Bot is now supporting BetOnline

We’ve got news. Our Holdem Bot now works at BetOnline Poker, in all game types and at all table types. 
This is a big USA-friendly poker room tied to a huge online sports book (which may explain why the games are so soft). The bot multi-tables well at this site. It plays 10-max, 6-max, and 2-max tables. It plays SNG’s and MTT’s, and follows the table changes for you in the MTT’s. During testing we had quite a bit of enthusiastic feedback, including:

“Every cash game I tested so far I tripled my stack in using the 6-pack profile.”

“Every SNG and MTT I tested I finished in the money.”

If you want to have a go at BetOnline Poker, you need to download Holdem Bot version 7.8.0 here:

Also, we’re trying to decide what other sites on this network (Chico) to add support for. We’re thinking PayNoRake looks good. If you have suggestions, please reply to this email with them.

That’s it for now. If you need a license for the Holdem Bot there’s a link for purchasing one on the bot menu. Have fun at BetOnline and we’ll see you or your bot at the cashier window.