February 17, 2015

Latest Holdem Bot Results 2015 February

Greetings Poker Sharks,

Time for an update. The latest version of our Holdem Bot is 7.7.2, and comes with Doodle version 105 as the default profile. This is, of course, the best version yet. Here’s some feedback our members have posted in the last few weeks:

“I was using the Doodle profile last night at a .02/.05 table, started with $5.00 on two tables and watched both go up to $12”

“Put the Millennium Tournament profile in a 200+ MTT last night, went to bed, woke up this morning to a BIG first place prize!”

“My average ROI at three different sites is 4%+, 370+% and 36+%”

The bot works at all different game types, so you can use it in whatever fashion suits you. Currently more than twenty poker sites are supported across four different networks including USA, Italian, French, and Spanish rooms. We have good, ready-made profiles you can access for free inside our support forum targeting all different game types.

Some of our members like to use the bot in “speed” type games. The results below were recently posted by one of our newer members, who took one of the good free profiles in our forum and “tweaked” it slightly to his own liking for speed tables:

Here’s what he says about it now: “As you can see, $169 profit for 14k hands of 10NL and 5NL speed is not too shabby. Let's hope it can keep crushing at higher stakes!”

Poker botting is a blast, folks  – and hey, there’s money to be made, too.

That’s it for now. If you need a license, there’s a link for purchasing one right on the top of the bot menu. Have fun at the tables and we’ll see you or your bot at the cashier window soon.