December 29, 2014

Poker Robot Success Stories from Newbies

Happy Holidays from Shanky Technologies. And man, are the poker tables soft this time of year! Perfect pickings for a poker robot. We’ve been getting lots of happy feedback posts from new customers who have never used a bot before. Including these:

"I love your bot; it got me 5th out of 5000 in a freeroll."

"I put the Wild Bill profile in two 5NL tables, checked back a short while later, and on one of the tables he was up to $39!"

"Played 15 SNG's so far with the KGB profile and the results are 4 First Place finishes and 5 Seconds."

…among others. Did you notice one of those testimonials was about using our bot in a freeroll? Those are a great way to start if you’re a newbie. Why put your own money at risk? We’ve had stories from some members who made a very small deposit, like $100 or $50 or even zero, and built a bankroll into the thousands using our bot. That that’s a good risk/reward ratio! Consider this chart, just sent to us by a brand new member:

So far, this new bot-user has done nothing but enter their bot in 18 freerolls (using a free MTT profile) – and they have built a bankroll of almost $100 starting from nothing. That nearly pays for the bot already. Sure beats gambling.

The current version of the Holdem Poker Bot is 7.7.1. You can find it here:

This latest version comes with Doodle version 105 as the default profile. Yes, we’ve improved it again. The Doodle is a solid TAG-player that does best using a full stack at full 100-BB buy-in 9/10 max cash tables. If you’d rather take on the more aggressive 6-max tables, try one of our other new profiles such as Wild Bill or the 6-Pack. Those are sure to keep you entertained – and liable to put your opponents on full raging tilt at the same time. You can copy and paste those profiles (along with many others) into your bot right now, after logging into our support forum.

The Poker Bot currently supports more than twenty different poker sites from: the iPoker Network, 888-powered sites, the Winning Poker Network (including America’s Cardroom), plus Bodog and Bovada. Windows 8.1 is supported and the bot works great on free VM’s such as Virtual Box. We have sites supported in Italy, Spain, France, Denmark, and of course all 50 USA states including newly-legalized sites in Nevada and New Jersey. If you’re not botting with us these days, you’re missing out on some serious online poker fun – and profits.

That’s it for now. If you need a license, there’s a link for buying one on the bot menu itself. Have fun milking the fish over the New Year’s holiday and we’ll see you or your bot at the final table soon.