October 27, 2014

Poker Bot Profile Results and Updates

Greetings Poker Sharks,

A handful of us have been working to improve the new 6-pack profile for our Holdem Bot. The results thus far have been outstanding. Some of us have experienced 5+ consecutive winning sessions with it, and some of those sessions have been triple-ups or higher. This is a hyper-aggressive 6-max cash game profile designed to punch it out with the best players in the room (and the weaker ones are, of course, simply run over by it). We just posted 6-pack version 5 in the support forum, so you can access it now.

If tournaments are your thing (and they should be), you’ll find no shortage of MTT profiles in our forum, that’s for sure – and no shortage of our members reporting good results. Here’s what several of them have recently posted:

"The bot just played 5.5 hours in an MTT and brought in a nice $120 3rd place finish."

"Played 4 freerolls with the MTT/Doodle profile and was in the money 3 times."

"Even with my computer giving me technical problems, I am still positive overall using the 6-pack profile."

Keep in mind breaking even in cash games is a positive return when you’re clearing bonuses or, better yet, have a rakeback deal. We have affiliates in our forum offering up to 60% rakeback deals at certain iPoker rooms. All you have to do is post on the iPoker rakeback thread and they’ll hook you up.

We’d like to remind you how newbie-friendly our bot is. As an example, a brand new member recently decided they wanted to tweak their own cash game profile, and has just posted a graph of their results so far at $5NL:

The profit on that graph doesn’t include rakeback or bonuses cleared. Folks, if this guy can do it, you can, too. Tweaking your own profile is easy, and we’ll even help you get started. With 20+ poker rooms and all different game types supported (including speed games) you have a lot of choices as far as what game type to target.

You can download version 7.6.5, the latest  version of the Holdem Bot, here:

That’s it for now. If you need a license, use the Purchase link. Good luck at the tables and we’ll see you or your bot at the final table soon.


Shanky Technologies Team