September 7, 2014

Security Tipps for Poker Bot Users

This thread is to try and increase the general level of online security of the poker bot users by providing acces to free tools, add ons and tips that will help keep you safe online.

Anti Virus software

Below are links to free, trusted and good quality AV software, please check them out and if you dont have one installed, get one.

Now there are others, most of which arent free, however the above are all good AV's and all have a free version (Avira and AVG's are very good)

Anti Malware / Spyware 

Now an anti Malware scanner is also needed as most AV scanners will miss a lot of if not all spyware infections, again a few are listed below.

Again there are others, however the above are pretty solid.


an often over looked and pretty vital area of protection. Windows firewall isnt worth having, its awful, some better and free alternatives are listed below -

Out of the above most would go for zone alarm however i do like comodos personally.

I use a dedicated hardware firewall but for most people this is overkill and is prohibitively expensive also so i wont go into the depths of detail here, one of the above would be adequate and represent far better value for the average user. 

The Usual Suspects

Now its all well and good trying to prevent infection, however without Common sense theres little any tool, paid or free can do to help you, Try to avoid the following -

Torrent Sites

My personal pet hate and actually one of the leading reasons for spyware ending up on your system in the first place. A lot of the files you look for on these sites in order to save a few dollars are often either binded with some kind of malicious software or are simply malicious software labeled as something else.

"But i have AV ect" - This often wont save you. Usually on first release the malware or virus will be undetectable, rendering you only line of defense impotent.

Moral of the story guys is dont use these sites, they are more hassle than they are useful.

Malicious Sites

This covers such things as sites promising hidden riches and information ect ect, you im sure have received emails from people like this. Avoid any sites you are linked to in such circumstances, nothing good can come of it.

Also avoid sites that offer crack or software cheating downloads, such sites are often infected and may also be running malicious code your not even aware of, take care with this.

Keep Up to Date

Keep your Operating System (OS) fully up to date in terms of service packs and security updates, a weak link in the chain here can allow potential attackers an easy route in.

Also be sure to keep things such as flash player and java updated as well, exploits are often found and patched so keep auto update turned on.

Browser Choice

Internet Explorer isnt the safest browser around, Consider swapping to Firefox or Opera, Others such as Chrome or safari are also an option. I suggest firefox and have recommended a few security based add ons for firefox below -

Keyscrambler - The free version encrypts the data you input into your web browser from keyloggers and such, its a very useful and functional tool.

No Scripts - Disables the running of scripts/code when you visit a web page, you will e prompted that a script wishes to run, if you know and trust the site you can add it to the safe list, if not you can block the detected script. This add on prevents XSS issues and goes a long way to greatly improving you safety when browsing.

Better Privacy / Privacy+ - Removes and also blocks flash cookies from being installed on your PC, You may think when you delete your cookies from the browser they are gone right? Wrong, Some cookies may remain even if not seen, these flash/ LSO cookies are used by certain sites to track your long term browsing habbits, the security issues here, especially for us botters are prettyobvious, however it is a general invasion of privacy in my opinion and something we should have control over.

WOT (Web Of Trust) - Basically an updated list of known "bad" sites, you will be given a visual warning if you are about to visit a page that may have problems, you are free to decide whether or not you wish to continue, Pretty useful for general browsing.

Keep It Clean

Allowing your PC to build up lots of junk files and data on browsing habbits ect not only slows the PC down but it is also a privacy risk, run a weekly scan with one of the following free tools to keep everything running smooth and any personal data away from prying eyes -

ATF Cleaner


Password Protection

Sounds simple and obvious, however its quite often the case that weak passwords are still used. When creating a password try and use a mixture of letters, Numbers and also special characters (@#$%^ ect) while this will help safe guard your password from getting bruteforced, also try using a non dictionary word or phrase as your password.

Keep your password strictly private and dont keep passwords stored on your PC unless they are in a secure container.

Sensitive Data

The storage of sensitive data is not something that should be overlooked these days, For any sensitive material you should look into creating a encrypted container or "vault" this will keep your data safe from prying eyes even if your PC should get compromised. You can also protect your data on external sources such as USB flash drives ect.


Router Security

Connection jacking is a problem many people have and most probably are unaware! The problem lies in non secured connections which allows others to use your internet.

Use a strong protection protocol such as WPA or preferably WPA2, however even WEP is better than nothing at all, You can check/change your settings from within your router its self.

This may seem daunting but a quick check on your routers manufactorers website will yeild the steps you need to take in a step by step manner, 

Wireless Security

Anyone who uses wireless to connect their machines to the internet should look into getting an encrypted VPN service in order to better protect the data that is transfered.

There are free services that you can use for general browsing such as -

Hotspot shield

However for botting this isnt a viable or safe option as the IP's on free services are usually recycled and may have been used before. For botting your better off with a dedicated service. There are a few options but PM me for that information as i dont want to paste it all over the forums in case of prying outside eyes.

As i said at the start, the best line of defense is common sense, the steps above should help the great majority of you secure your systems at least a little better.