September 29, 2014

New Holdem Poker Bot Profile Available

Greetings Poker Sharks,

We just posted a new free profile in the support forum. It's called 6-Pack and is a tough loose-aggressive virtual player, designed for 6-max cash games. Here's what Egor says about it:

"This one generally plays the way I do personally. Plenty of loose open-raising, and lots of random raising of one opponent on the flop -- including a good amount of check-raising from first-position when we were the pre-flop aggressor. Some random pushing on the flop with good hands, or certain draws, after an opponent bets or raises. Also attempts to steal pots on the Turn when a pair flopped (mimicking slow-played trips). Makes a fair amount of random river-steal attempts when there was no betting on the Turn and we have no showdown value."

Feedback has been good so far. One thing is for sure, the 6-pack is fun to watch -- as it really mixes it up with strong post-flop heads up play. You can access it by logging into the forum and going to the Working Profiles board. Look for the new thread titled Egor's 6-Pack Profile. Shanky Profile

By the way, if you are not yet a member please understand there is much more to our forum that you cannot see until you log in. Lots of profiles, help with customizing the plays, and discussions about results and strategies. Right now we're talking about bluffing more aggressively when you flop a backdoor straight possibility, and working on new code-lines for the bot to make these kinds of plays. So do log in and read around if you haven't stopped by lately. Here are some recent comments:

"Just wanted to let you know the 'Tournament Alpha' profile won first out of 137. Played excellent heads up even with a short stack."

"I use Webbers profile and I won a 1 euro entry tourney which paid 200 euro. Since then using Webbers profile in MTT's  I am up another 200 dollars."

"I'm new to this but seeing success. Tried the Lion profile at 10-player SNG's.  So far I have played 8 and had 1 first place, 1 second place and two 3rd places ...also I just hit 1st place on a satellite tournament to a $50,000 GTD that takes place at 7pm tonight. All these were completely unassisted with just the bot playing."

And here's a chart someone posted showing their MTT results:

In case you can't read that, they are up right around $1,000 so far. Let me tell you, once you start using a bot to play MTT's you won't want to play them any other way. Why sit and grind it out for five hours? Let the bot do the heavy lifting and then you come in fresh after it's in the money and finish it off -- or, as many of our customers do, you might decide to let the bot finish it. Our tournament profiles have taken many first place finishes unassisted.

You can buy/try the POKER Bot (version 7.6.2) here:

And download the new free Egor's 6-pack profile: