July 9, 2014

Special Omaha Bot Offer

Greetings poker sharks. We've never done anything like this since we started selling the Holdem Bot in 2008, but to celebrate the world cup finals we wanted to do something special. So, here's the deal: Purchase a Holdem Bot license anytime between now and the final tick of the clock in the world cup championship game (Sunday July 13th) and receive your choice of the following:

     A) A special new loose-aggressive 6-max profile tweak Egor has been working on called 6-pack. He's been having success with it in cash games and will be posting it as a free profile in the support forum at the end of summer. But you can have it now, before everyone else gets their hands on it. Or...

     B) A free 6-month Omaha-Hi bot license. This is a nice thing to have in your arsenal, especially when you see a juicy Pot Limit Omaha tournament about to start. We have a great free MTT profile for this in the forum.

Speaking of the support forum, there never seems to be a shortage of our excited customers posting success stories there. Here are several recent ones:

"I had the bot play 10 quick sng's this morning, got in the money in 6 of them, won 2 of them. This is great!"

"The bot just took 2nd in a large free roll! Would have had 1st but my AQ lost to their 96o when a 9 hit the flop"

"I made a few minor tweaks to the profile and am now consistently beating full ring cash games with it..."

That last commenter was using a popular profile called "Retribution" and also posted a graph of his results. Here it is:

Sorry the numbers aren't clear on the image - but hey, that thing sure is going in the right direction.
The current version of the Holdem Bot is 7.5.8. We just fixed it for a software update at America's Cardroom that occurred last week. As usual, we had the fix done within a couple days of the poker site software change. You can download version 7.5.8 here:
download/buy/free trial
As always, your existing license will work with the new version of the bot. If you need to purchase a license, please use the link on the bot itself and then tell us whether you want the new 6-pack profile or the 6-month Omaha bot license when you send us your Computer ID number. (Be aware, however, that the Omaha bot does not support as many poker rooms as the Holdem Bot; just 10 of the iPoker rooms, 888, and Cake/Intertops.)
That's it for now. Have fun at the tables and we'll see you or your bot at the cashier cage soon.
Shanky Technologies Team