May 23, 2014

Poker Bot Results Update May

Hey sharks. Version 7.5.3 of our Holdem Bot is now available and can be downloaded here:

A couple of the iPoker rooms (including Betfair) changed some of their graphics so we needed to update the bot to read the tables there better. All is working fine again now. Speaking of iPoker, check out some of the recent results reported by several of our newer members who are botting there:

"Had the bot play 8 SNG's today for 1 first place, 1 second place, and two 3rd places ...also it just hit 1st place on a satellite tournament to a $50,000 GTD"

"I use the bot in the daily 1k guaranteed on ipoker, buy-in is only 1€, I end up at the final table all the time cashing from 40 to more than 100€ -- every month I make a profit"

Those are real testimonials from real customers who recently purchased the Shanky Bot and are using it daily. Our poker bot is the only software product of its kind, the only one completely user-configurable to play any way you want for any poker situation, and the only one capable of producing these kinds of winnings.  Here's a graph showing results after 10,000 SNG's played using our bot, just posted in our forum by a customer who purchased the bot in January:

Up over $1600, way to go! Of course, we also have plenty of members who report good results from cash games, especially when using the bot to grind rakeback or clear deposit bonuses. How you want to use the bot is up to you. We'll just make sure it keeps working at our 20+ supported poker rooms so you can do your thing. (The current list of supported poker rooms includes sites that accept players from the USA, Italy, France, Spain, Belgium, and Denmark as well as all the usual venues.)

That's it for now. If you need a license, there's a link to purchase one right on the bot menu. Have fun poker-botting and we'll see you (or your bot) at the final table soon.


Shanky Technologies Team