March 19, 2014

New Holdem Bot Profile Results

We love hearing about how our members are doing with our Holdem Bot software, and we're always getting feedback. Lately, there have been some interesting reports in our support forum regarding the different profiles that are available for use in the bot.

The default profile that comes in the bot is called "the Doodle," and we are now on version 104. That means it's been improved 104 times. It's playing such solid poker these days that no one has been able to find even one questionable play to show us with suggestions for improvements. Here's what one of our long-time customers recently said about it in the forum:

"I'm using the new custom time delay feature to delay some of the actions in Doodle 104 (usually with strong hands) and I've been booking winning sessions every night this week."

Of course, there are many alternative profiles available in the forum as well. One that's been getting a lot of attention lately is a fixed-limit profile called "Tensor." Take a look at this graph of results just posted by someone who is using it in micro-stakes .02/.04 cent games, and is up over $60 so far:

Tournaments are an extremely popular target for our bot. There's a free MTT version of Doodle 104 that's been killing it lately. Here are two comments recently posted about it: 

"With the DoodleMTT I have played around thirty 27-man and larger field Guaranteed tournaments. I've made the final table or outright won 12 of them.  This profile is good!"

"I ran eight 45-man MTT's yesterday with the most current version of DoodleMTT and I was shocked. The profile made 6 final tables and bubbled once as well!  DoodleMTT took two 2nds, one 3rd,   two 4ths, and one 5th place!"

And of course there are plenty of alternative tournament profiles available as well. Here's a graph recently posted by someone using the "WebMTT" profile at small stakes 1-table SNG's: 

They're up over $300 so far, and you just have to love the slope and direction of that chart line.

We currently support about a dozen iPoker rooms (including EU, France, and Italy rooms), 888 Poker (including the Spanish room), four Winning Poker Network rooms (USA citizens allowed in all 50 states), Bodog, Bovada, Cake, and Intertops Poker. You can download the latest version of the bot that comes with Doodle 104 here:

That's it for now. If you need a license, there's a link to buy one on the bot itself (or you can reply to this email and ask for direct payment instructions). Have fun at the tables and we'll see you or your bot at the cashier window.


Shanky Technologies Team