February 17, 2014

New Holdem Bot Poker Site Supported: Ladbrokes Poker

We just added support for Ladbrokes Poker to our Holdem Bot software. Why another iPoker room? Because they have an EU license (no taxes on winnings) and, let's face it, Ladbrokes is one of the biggest names in gaming. You can download Holdem Bot version 7.3.2 with full support for Ladbrokes here:

Download and try 200hands free

The new version of the bot also comes with Doodle 104 as the default profile. That means it's now been improved 104 times, always with the help of our forum members posting hand histories along with suggestions for refinement. Those are rare these days, because this profile has become so strong it's hard to find spots for further improvement. The Doodle is a true community project that plays extremely solid tight-aggressive poker and is best used at full-ring NL tables (9 or 10 max). Here's a new chart someone posted of just 11,000 hands played:

Basically break-even so far. What good is a break-even cash game profile? Lots! Rakeback, bonus-clearing, and earning credits for freeroll tournaments, just for starters.

Speaking of tournaments, we have more than a few MTT botters reporting good results with the many different profiles available. This graph was posted by someone using the 'webmtt' profile in tiny, $1 buy-in events:

The results are probably too small for you to see on this reduced-size image, but it's up around $300 so far. That isn't too shabby for $1 buy-ins! Of course, we also have many success stories of using the bot in higher stakes tournaments, including some final-table scores reported with prizes won that were in the thousands.

Please note: When you upgrade from an earlier version of the bot to 7.3.1 or higher you will need to email us to request a replacement license. This is because we have changed the licensing scheme. Don't worry; it's a one-time thing so the replacement license will work with all subsequent bot upgrades. Just reply to this email with the Computer ID number the bot gives you and we'll send the new license back, plus we will add 1 month extra to your license term for your trouble.

That's it for now. If you need to buy a license, there's a link for that on the bot itself. Have fun at Ladbrokes and we'll see you (or your bot) at a final table soon.

February 13, 2014

Poker Robot Information

Have you ever heard from the poker bots and just how they're taking around the globe of online poker? Whether you've heard of those bots or otherwise, there's still a lot info on these poker bots you might not know. This information is particularly customized tell you on everything there's to understand on poker robots such as the hold’em poker bot.

What exactly are poker bots?

A pokerbot is really a software program designed to play online poker. These programs are controlled by humans who program the poker robot to experience inside a certain manner. It's been stated that beating these robots doesn't seem possible, however this is hardly the situation. You can aquire a poker bot download online if you wish to make use of a robot.

Beating the poker bots:

It's somewhat impossible to conquer a holdem poker bot. This is particularly then when you don't know you're playing against one. The initial step towards beating poker robots is understanding how to spot one online.

Are poker bots legal?

There's really no worldwide law against using robots in online poker this is exactly what makes poker bot download so common. So far as rules go, it's really as much as the poker network to find out whether they allow their players to make use of poker bots. When it comes to fair play, it is fantastic for poker sites to oppose using a holdem poker bot to inspire players to experience on their own sites. If you plan on utilizing a poker bot, it's ideal to to begin with determine perfect site to apply your bot on. Your advice isn't to test the bots on either PokerStars or Full Tilt!

How you can know if someone is robot?

When searching for a texas holdem robot, you will find certain characteristics that characterize a robotic playing poker online. What you need to be searching for is:

You have to try to place players who play multiple tables and therefore are always playing no matter the time. Most players utilizing a poker robot will program their bots to experience in multiple tables for that as lengthy as you possibly can. You will find some players whop will program their bots to experience twenty-four hours a day.  Therefore, if you see a particular player in multiple tables and therefore are always playing, greatest odds are it's a bot.

Place players who hardly enjoy poker table interactions. Most poker players will chat within the chat box. Just in case you see a player who only usually takes curiosity about the chats when requested whether or not they are bots, then odds are they're bots.

Attempt to be aware from the different playing designs of players. Normally, a texas holdem robot has one pattern of playing. These robots are usually designed to experience tight and loose in addition to strongly.

Search for players who be a part of different games and limits. Most players have learnt that poker bots play better in multiple games which is simpler to program them by doing this instead of switching in one game to another.

Poker robots will invariably go ahead and take equivalent time before they take action while dining.  It is because the robots are designed in ways they make moves following a certain time period.

Online poker robots difficulties

It's not easy to construct a web-based pokerbot. Much like the overall game of chess chances are that soon someone can create a course which will defeat humans. However, this might be tougher for poker as it is a far more complicated game to program as in comparison to chess.

Making money from an online poker bot

Using the numerous on-market commercial programs offering poker bots, it's possible to be confused on whether it's possible to really earn money from poker bots. Creating a lucrative online poker bot isn't impossible but it's not easy either. If you use the commercial packages, you're able to enjoy numerous benefits like poker utilities, screen capture in addition to hands strength. The only real hard part is applying the bots undetected. But you don't have to worry too much about it if you play rooms like "ipoker".