December 31, 2013

New Poker Bot Results

Here we are at an update on a few of the recent results our people happen to be confirming using our Holdem Bot software. Lots of people enter into poker-botting using the intent of clearing first time deposit bonuses and/or grinding rakeback, so we'll start there. The next two surveys are from clients who're simply using the default profile which comes pre-loaded within the bot:

"The default profile, Doodle 103, has become great. Plays much better than I actually do entirely ring games. My 9-years old daughter could make money at online poker by using this.Inch

"I love to allow the Doodle play to obtain my deposit bonus launched. It's often a minimum of break-even just in play, meaning I keep your bonuses as profit."

It is simple to "tweak" the profile to help make the bot play in whatever way you would like for just about any poker situation. Due to that, a number of our people have produced custom profiles, most of which can be found within our discussion board. A well known one out of recent occasions is known as Tensor, which is made for fixed limit games. Here is a graph published within our forum showing the outcomes from over 200,000 hands performed:

Eventually, though, most poker-botters turn to MTT's (competitions). That is because it's apparent this is when the actual cash is.

Consider it. The bot plays perfectly, but an enormous number of tournament players are terrible and do not manage their stack correctly. They're just playing the lottery, and also have negligable possibility of creating a final-table finish. The bot uses this and will get you far in to the money, where one can then dominate if you want - or, let the bot finish the darn factor. Lots of first place finishes in large-area occasions happen to be reported while using bot completely unassisted.

The next comments were lately published about just one of the numerous good MTT profiles obtainable in our discussion board:

"Consistently carrying out well. Had several nice scores recently including winning one $1 tourney for $100 , coming second inside a rebuy tourney for any $300 prize, scoring an admission to an ipops tourney for any nice itm score and various itm and final tables. My bankroll expires substantially."

"This profile required second within an MTT unassisted. The 20 min Heads Up fight was pretty epic to look at. The bot must have won it. Thanks!"

Throughout the holiday season, there's lots of loose and drunken money available in the online poker tables - especially within the New Year's holiday and also the weekend soon after. Now's an outstanding time to place your poker bot to operate. You are able to download the most recent version here:


There you have it for the time being. Should you prefer a license, there is a link around the bot menu to purchase one. Have some fun beating online poker inside your sleep so we wish a greatly prosperous 2014!

December 12, 2013

How to install the bot less than a minute and start playing 200 hands free

This video shows you how easy to install the Poker Bot in a minute and start playing poker without any complicate process. No purchase required! You can play 200 hands totally free! The bot comes with the default doodle profile which is designed by Egor based on huge amount of forum members reports and analysis.

After you installed the bot your only work left to open and setup your poker room client for the bot then click to the "Start" button. And have fun!

December 10, 2013

Big Poker Bot Wins

We would have liked to talk about a few of the large wins that customers in our Holdem Bot software happen to be confirming. They are always an enjoyable experience to listen to about, so we'll begin with the greatest.

Our clients really hit a poor beat jackpot running the bot. Regrettably it had been a little one, because it had been hit prior. He wasn't worrying as he returned to his PC and located he was all of a sudden greater than $25,000 more potent, however. In the excitement he sent us screenshots and decided to let's distribute them, together with his screen title, in return for a $600 payment from us. In the last second he transformed his mind, that is understandable and may well be a smart decision. Congratulations to him anyway.

Jackpot mining with this bot at Winning Poker Network is really a highly EV strategy. This can be done using the default profile the bot comes packed with, Doodle 103. Which means we're around the 103rd form of this profile, and also the comments within our discussion board recently are raving concerning the solid tight-aggressive game it now plays. The default profile does best at full ring games, but when 6-max is the factor we've loose-aggressive profiles too - check out "Wild Bill" or even the "Little Eco-friendly" profile within our discussion board, both free. The most recent form of the bot works at three WPN rooms: America's Card Room, Black Chip Poker, and 5 Dimes (please be aware 5 Dimes takes gamers all 50 U.S. states).

Another method to score a large win while poker botting reaches MTT's. A number of our people focus on these, and you will find freshly-up-to-date tournament profiles readily available for our bot that are just superb. Here are a few actual reviews from your clients:

"Place the bot within an MTT and visited mattress. After I awoke it had won the damn factor and my bankroll had grown by $1440."

"Began off in free-comes until I built a little bankroll after which did $1 occasions before the bot won one, then did $5 occasions, and merely stored growing after that. Now I've got a $1200 bankroll and also the bot is continually making money the $20 2 occasions."

"After I checked back there have been only five gamers excluded from 280 that began and also the bot was the large stack. I required over after that and cruised to some $3,000 win. Thanks, Shanky!"

Visit our discussion board and browse your comments ought to around the profile threads on your own. Our people our making large cashes, aided in different levels by utilizing our software. Their success tales will make a lamp set off over your mind. There are checked the bot out recently, you need to - and set a chuckle in online poker again. You are able to download the most recent version (that has been fixed for that recent Winning Poker Network software updates) here:

Download here!

If you want to grind rakeback or obvious first time deposit bonuses, that's working well too. The bot presently supports greater than twenty poker rooms across five systems, which includes support for many Italian, French, The spanish language, Danish, and EU sites. We are sure you'll try to have a great time and perhaps create a little money as well.

There you have it for the time being. Should you prefer a license there is a connect to purchase one around the bot menu itself. Someone else will hit a large jackpot or win a sizable tournament using our bot soon - could it be you?