November 4, 2013


This site is going to be centered on the problem of online poker collusion. Collusion in poker happens when several gamers while dining conspire from the others to be able to profit. For instance, two gamers share details about their hands with each other while smartly betting for their advantage. It was among the primary styles in the famous poker movie “Rounders”.


Prior to the times of online poker, cheats needed to use various signals to allow their partners understand what they'd. Now, cheats can easily exchange information over the telephone, or higher messenger, or higher Skype, ect. Quite simply, it's very simple for online poker collusion to occur.

I pointed out the film Rounders, because collusion was almost glorified, which was at time before online poker was produced. Within the movie, two buddies turn to elaborate techniques to be able to collude poker games, putting themselves at risk in addition. When colluding online, cheats can share information and discuss strategy very easily. They're also totally protected against physical harm or consequences.


To be able to safeguard yourself against online poker collusion you have to acquaint yourself with a few of the techniques that cheats use when colluding, to ensure that you are able to recognize them and act accordingly.

Information Discussing:

This is actually the foundation of collusion. The cheats will communicate their hidden hole cards to one another and discuss their technique for the hands. Dads and moms of physical poker games, gamers needed a more sophisticated system of signals to do this, description of how the can easily talk on the telephone or higher Goal or MSN messenger.

Playing the very best hands:

Playing the very best hands means the cheats will choose which hands has got the best possibility of winning and fold the relaxation. This is actually the most typical strategy utilized in online poker collusion, which is also the very best. Imagine you had been worked 3 or more hands in a poker game and could determine which one you want to play, performs this not supply the people colluding having a signifigant edge?

Whip Sawing:

This is known to because the “squeeze play” in which the cheats enter a hands together and trap people into call bets and boosts. Among the cheats have a monster, and the partner may have nothing, and can bet and raise to obtain more money who are holding cards, then simply just fold around the river. This can be a blatant type of collusion that's mostly utilized by amateurs (or individuals who aren’t scared of being caught).

Chip Dumping:

This can be a common way of colluding online tournament play. Many gamers will pool their cash and enter a tournament together, developing a collusion “team”. When part of the collusion “team” includes a low chipstack another cheats will dump chips to him to be able to have them within the tournament.


Online poker sites do their finest to curb the collusion. There is a current scandal where a collusion ring was busted at and cash was returned the sufferers of the collusion ring.