November 12, 2013

Poker Bot Status Update

We simply published version 7.2.4 in our Poker Bot software which adds support for Snap Poker at 888. This is actually the new "speed" game at 888, a kind of online poker that is now well-liked by cash game mills. Every poker network appears to become applying some types of it. You are able to download the most recent form of our bot which assists Snap Poker here:


In the iPoker rooms this type of poker is known as "Speed Poker" and also at Bodog/Bovada it's known as "Zone Poker." The most recent Holdem bot works whatsoever these games too. Please be aware the bot may also multi-table whatsoever speed poker versions, and that means you could possibly get within an easy 600 hands of poker every hour with one bot license. What a method to obvious first time deposit bonuses or grind rakeback.

FYI Because Snap Poker is totally new at 888 the tables are considered to be very soft right now.

If competitions are the factor rather, the bot works in most MTT/SNG formats too including DON's and heads up matches. A lot of our people do very well in MTT's. Here are a few comments lately published within our discussion board:

"Nice profile. I left it alone also it required a high-10 finish from 850 records."

"Used this inside a couple of low-buyin tourneys. The bot required first in one of these, plus other cashes."

"The bot just required second within an MTT totally unassisted. I even viewed it play a legendary heads up 20-minute fight also it might have won otherwise for any really bad beat."

Whatever type of online poker you're into, our bot might help. Cash games, 1-table SNG's, large MTT's, speed games, whatever. We've ready-made profiles available that concentrate on nearly all the games type, which you'll download within our discussion board. Obviously, most likely the best factor to complete is "tweak" one of these the way you like, because you can result in the bot play in whatever way you would like for just about any poker situation. It's quite simple to complete nowadays, and we're happy that will help you with this within the forum.

The bot is presently working at 20 poker sites across 5 different systems including multiple sites for USA gamers, Italian gamers, French gamers, EU-rooms, Danish-friendly sites, along with a The spanish language site.

There you have it for the time being. Should you prefer a bot license, there' a control button to buy one directly on the bot menu itself (which you'll download in the above link). Have some fun at Snap Poker and we'll help you - or perhaps your bot - in the cashier window.

November 11, 2013

About the Account Selling:

Account selling in online poker happens when one player sells his chair inside a tournament to a different player following the tournament has started. To allow other people make use of your account is from the rules of each and every online poker room and it is considered cheating. Account selling is exclusive to online poker since the anonymity enables differing people to experience without having to be observed.

What is The Benefit IN ACCOUNT SELLING?

The most typical scenario is really a novice player selling his account within the late stages of the tournament to some more powerful player, or perhaps a professional with a better possibility of winning the tourny. You can observe the benefit this provides towards the professional purchasing the account, because:

The late stages of the tournament, like the “final table” are where professional gamers have the most important edge

Nobody while dining knows they're having fun with a professional, they believe they're playing the person who is the owner of the account. Imagine playing against Phil Ivey for your chips and never even realizing it.


Account selling and “ghosting” is typical practice between buddies however, many say that it's commonplace one of the high stakes competitions too. People “buying” accounts in the late stages of Billion dollar prize pool tournament are surely having to pay out a large sum for your account. After this logic it's possible to think that the folks purchasing the accounts are professional gamers. It was proven within the famous situation of Sorel Mizzi and Chris Vaughn.


Online poker sites took a tough stance with gamers involved with account selling. It doesn't matter if they're well-known or otherwise, once we have observed in the instances of Sorel Mizzi and Chris Vaughn, who have been both banned coupled with their winnings confiscated.

November 7, 2013

Online Holdem Poker Bots

Previously, the problem of online poker bots is a reason for concern for that online poker community. These “bots” make choices for that user, always calculate proper pot odds, never continue tilt, never get tired ect… Famous but outdated software like Winholdem permitted customers to program their very own poker bots, and towns even created where using online poker bots was recommended and talked about.


Within our online poker bot reviews, we'll make sure and review most of the top poker bots available on the market. The poker bots examined listed here are presently the very best bots offered at this time around.

poker bot buy

Online poker bots could be lucrative simply because they never continue tilt, and can calculate odds immediately. Poker bots are specifically effective when multi-tabling, just because a bot making only a small profit will have the ability to achieve this at multiple tables over lengthy amounts of time. The current poker bot cheating scandal at Full Tilt is evidence of that individuals are making money with them.

A lot of the outdated poker bots that individuals program generate losses. It is because most these bots cannot result in the reads on their own competitors that should beat today’s game. However, you will find new bots available on the market like BonusBots, claiming professional-quality play.


People use bots for various reasons. Some use bots to create a profit at online poker, while some utilize them for entertainment and revel in fine-tuning and trying out the program. Leisure bot use is called “botting”. A listing of causes of using bots:

To create a make money from other gamers

Leisure use or “botting”

To obvious online poker bonuses

Must I Be Frightened OF POKER BOTS?

In the modern video game, poker bots are thought to become mostly harmless. Or, these bots are even viewed as targets because of their foreseeable play. You ought to not fear online poker bots, but simply them just like any other player. Despite the fact that they're mostly harmless, poker bots have been in breach from the relation to online poker rooms, thus they're strictly forbidden and regarded cheating by most online poker sites.

How Can Poker Rooms Identify BOTS?

Most bot customers can mask their software and steer clear of being detected through the online poker sites. So, these websites use various techniques to identify bots, and they are utilized too. When you realize your attacker is really a poker bot, it might be super easy to experience against it.

Fundamental essentials signs poker rooms search for when attempting to find out is really a player is really a bot. Some things to look for could be:

Plays for lengthy amounts of time with no break

Has the capacity to multi-table perfectly (not timing out ect..)

Never types anything in chat, or responds to individuals

November 4, 2013

About The Online Poker MULTI-ACCOUNTING:

Multi-accounting happens when one individual controls many accounts, playing within the same game from multiple computer systems. Multi-accounting is much more prevalent than collusion, since the cheat could possibly get exactly the same advantages of collusion, but doesn't have to talk about the earnings.

Using the advantage the cheat will get by using multiple accounts, he is able to simply select from the very best beginning hands worked to any or all the accounts, as well as while using many other collusion techniques available.


It is simple for any cheat to obtain some other accounts to experience with. All he must do is request his girlfriend, his cousin, his buddy from work, to create a merchant account in an online poker room. It wouldn't be a challenge for any cheat to obtain three, four, or five accounts in one game. This will make multi-accounting a really lucrative enterprise for poker cheats.


Multi-accounting is generally found may be the Sit and Go Competitions, or “SNG’s. It's here the cheat may use techniques like chip dumping, and focusing on gamers for elimination. When utilizing multi-accounting and poker cheat software while playing SNG competitions, the cheat can provide themself a signifigant edge within the opposition.


Multi-accounting is common at short handed games, because it provides the cheat a simple chance to make use of multiple accounts is the majority while dining. For instance, he'd control three accounts inside a five-handed game. The cheat may use his benefit to concentrate on the other two gamers at the overall game. Oftentimes it is just like play heads up, but except you receive worked three hands as well as your opponent just one.


It's also common for cheats to experience multiple accounts in large area online poker tourneys. Even poker pro’s happen to be recognized to “multi-account” in online MTT’s. Imagine needing to use Daniel Negreanu or Phily Ivey 6 occasions in the WSOP.


This site is going to be centered on the problem of online poker collusion. Collusion in poker happens when several gamers while dining conspire from the others to be able to profit. For instance, two gamers share details about their hands with each other while smartly betting for their advantage. It was among the primary styles in the famous poker movie “Rounders”.


Prior to the times of online poker, cheats needed to use various signals to allow their partners understand what they'd. Now, cheats can easily exchange information over the telephone, or higher messenger, or higher Skype, ect. Quite simply, it's very simple for online poker collusion to occur.

I pointed out the film Rounders, because collusion was almost glorified, which was at time before online poker was produced. Within the movie, two buddies turn to elaborate techniques to be able to collude poker games, putting themselves at risk in addition. When colluding online, cheats can share information and discuss strategy very easily. They're also totally protected against physical harm or consequences.


To be able to safeguard yourself against online poker collusion you have to acquaint yourself with a few of the techniques that cheats use when colluding, to ensure that you are able to recognize them and act accordingly.

Information Discussing:

This is actually the foundation of collusion. The cheats will communicate their hidden hole cards to one another and discuss their technique for the hands. Dads and moms of physical poker games, gamers needed a more sophisticated system of signals to do this, description of how the can easily talk on the telephone or higher Goal or MSN messenger.

Playing the very best hands:

Playing the very best hands means the cheats will choose which hands has got the best possibility of winning and fold the relaxation. This is actually the most typical strategy utilized in online poker collusion, which is also the very best. Imagine you had been worked 3 or more hands in a poker game and could determine which one you want to play, performs this not supply the people colluding having a signifigant edge?

Whip Sawing:

This is known to because the “squeeze play” in which the cheats enter a hands together and trap people into call bets and boosts. Among the cheats have a monster, and the partner may have nothing, and can bet and raise to obtain more money who are holding cards, then simply just fold around the river. This can be a blatant type of collusion that's mostly utilized by amateurs (or individuals who aren’t scared of being caught).

Chip Dumping:

This can be a common way of colluding online tournament play. Many gamers will pool their cash and enter a tournament together, developing a collusion “team”. When part of the collusion “team” includes a low chipstack another cheats will dump chips to him to be able to have them within the tournament.


Online poker sites do their finest to curb the collusion. There is a current scandal where a collusion ring was busted at and cash was returned the sufferers of the collusion ring.