September 29, 2013

Poker Bot types and review

There are four basic types of poker bots on the market:

1. Win Holdem or Open Holdem Robots
Winholdem clicks on the correct buttons but don’t know what to do. It’s for developers, to provide them an increase start and permit them to program the playing instructions. You should know programming code to prevail, C/C++. Poker sites learn about these and therefore are trying to catch them, so you have to mix using two PC’s to be able to hide them: one supports the Win Hold’em program, another supports the poker site software. It’s rather complicated and involves lots of effort to use it well.

2. Third Party Brains

This category includes the OPI bots (OPI means Online Poker Inspector or even more particularly Online Holdem inspector). The bot software uses a 3rd party brain to create choices, usually some form of poker odds software that provides playing advice in the current situation. The issue using these is the fact that you will find insufficient variables within the poker advice programs to create a good Robot. Low limit games at certain poker sites are filled with these OPI bots. Our Poker bot will destroy them with time.

OPI is indeed a time instructor which makes choices from real-time odds and pre-designed instructions. OPI itself isn't the "Poker Bot" and depends on the "aftermarket clickers" to complete the decisions. No default profiles appear to become those who win.

Requires acquisition of two items rather than one, and OPI is a little overpriced. The Poker Bot is a "clicker" that reads the signals output by OPI. Each time there's a texas holdem room upgrade, you have to hold back for parties to update their software to function your bot again. And also the OPI developers are a little slow when the fixes needed.

Seriously limited within the information it gathers. You've got no method of improving who the aggressor is. As OPI doesn't have memory of actions on any previous "street" resulting in many donk bets. Before we checked out the program it had not been in a position to discern your relative position for your active competitors, or perhaps let you know the number of remained as within the hands on publish-flop betting models. It's virtually impossible to become a lucrative poker player (human or robot) over the very cheapest micro stakes, without use of these details.

3. Self-contained Bots
We've bought a few that suit this category through the years, however they always switched to be junk or scam. So they are not recommended!

To operate our bot you simply open this program, load your playing profile/script, open the poker site, click start and hide the bot program. If you are not a C++ programmer but you want play with a well developed Poker Bot that able to play cash games and tournaments structures of all types, this holdem bot is currently your only choice! This is our recommended software: just download the free trial here! Request to join the support forum and you will see it for yourself!