September 18, 2013

Poker Bot Solutions

Two of the most common questions we obtain about our Holdem bot are 1) Asking whether it supports a particular site, and a pair of) What's the best strategy/profile/way for doing things. Let us address individuals questions now.

Their email list of presently supported sites is positively maintained around the product info page on the website, as well as at the outset of the Holdem Bot Instructions. You could download the most recent form of the bot here:


But to rapidly recap, the bot presently supports a lot more than 20 poker rooms the following: 12-iPoker rooms, 2-888 rooms, 3-WPN rooms, 2-Cake/Revolution rooms, plus Bodog and Bovada. With that list you'll find rooms with licenses for that EU, Belgium, Denmark, The country, Italia, and France together with four USA-friendly rooms (including 5 Dimes now, that takes gamers all 50 states including Washington and Maryland).

The 2nd real question is harder to reply to. It's like asking an angler what the easiest method to catch seafood is. It is dependent on in which you go fishing, when, and which kind of seafood you're after. But, listed here are a couple of specific ideas:

* MTT's: This is actually the simplest approach to take and that we always recommend it to newcomers and anybody battling in cash games. The bot comes with an automatic edge in MTT's because a lot dead money plays inside them. Any decent MTT profile includes a significant edge, and that we have ample them within the discussion board. Each week, a minimum of twelve in our clients report a large top-3 finish while using bot, frequently completely unassisted. These may be huge bankroll-boosts.

* Rakeback Grinding: Using the 50% iPoker rakeback deals which are available, you will get creative about this. Speed poker and regular 6-max tables would be the usual targets, but consider working the 6-max super turbo SNG's having a fundamental push or fold profile. This is a terrific way to obvious first time deposit bonuses. There's add-on software obtainable in our forum that may join these for you personally instantly, all day long lengthy.

* Talking about add-on software, Webber's "Hydra Professional" hopper can join games by opponent reputation for you. So, you should use the bot to focus on a listing of seafood, getting the Hydra Professional software scour the tables all day long until your seafood turns up after which place your bot at this table. In the iPoker rooms, you may also set our bot to experience in certain manner when your player names is incorporated in the hands. How's that for laser-targetting?

You will find many, a number of other ways to use our bot. Our most effective people are usually those who are the most creative. Some utilize it in 'double up' SNG's, some in common 9-max cash games, plus some even at manages tables. Whatever way you choose to siphon off money in the huge whirlwind of money flowing backwards and forwards in the internet poker rooms, our bot will help you get it done more effectively.

There you have it for the time being. Should you prefer a license, there's a hyperlink around the bot itself to buy one, which you'll download in the page above. Have some fun in the poker rooms, and we'll help you or perhaps your bot in the final table.


Shanky Technologies Team