March 13, 2013

New Holdem Bot Tips and Strategies

We've been getting questions from clients with really small bankrolls about the easiest way to allow them to use our Holdem Bot software. We always recommend the "rags to riches" approach to these folks, that is a strategy made famous by professional poker player Chris Fergusen. It really works such as this:

Make no deposits whatsoever, and merely make use of the bot to experience free-roll competitions - or, create a small deposit and merely take part in the $1 entry MTT's. Make use of the free MTT profile we've published on our website.

poker bot steps
poker bot bankroll
Eventually you'll develop a bankroll carrying this out. Whenever you achieve $100, start mixing in certain $2 and thoroughly selected $3 buy-in occasions. Whenever you achieve $250, start mixing in $5 buy-in occasions. When you are getting to $500, start mixing in $10 occasions, along with a couple of carefully-selected $15 occasions in some places.
When you are getting to $1,000, start mixing within the $20 occasions, and when you are getting to $1500, start mixing in $30 occasions.

This process works, folks - and it is very much of much more fun than making multiple deposits and getting individuals good and the bad natural in cash games and SNG's. It will take persistence, but we've several people who eventually developed bankrolls within the 1000's carrying this out, without ever getting designed a deposit.

Consequently, there's a warm new profile within our forum marketplace that's created for fixed-limit. This can be a great way of manipulating the shifts in cash games. The majority of us make use of the bot without-Limit, obviously, as that's where the majority of the action is - but maybe you're ready to revisit fixed limit.

Excellent. Obviously, that profile isn't free, but we all do possess a free fixed-limit profile within the discussion board which has become good feedback and may be easily tweaked the way you like (especially if you are a experienced fixed-limit player).

Have some fun going from rags to riches and botting fixed-limit holdem again. We'll help you in the cage.