January 22, 2013

Poker Bot News 2013

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Greetings Poker Botters for the new 2013 year!

You may already know, our Holdem bot could be completely personalized through the user to experience in whatever way you would like for just about any poker situation. So, a number of our people have produced and saved special playing profiles for that bot, a few of which are published and readily available for anybody to make use of within our discussion board. Here's some recent feedback from botters who've attempted a few of the free profiles within the forum.

Lion MTT Profile:

"This profile just required third spot for $846 inside a $30 buy-in MTT."

"Used this in 2 freeroll competitions and cashed both occasions."

"From 92 gamers on the $5 buyin, I awoke today to some $92 second place prize."

Wild Bill Profile:

"I love this profile for iPoker - and that i enjoy it a great deal.Inch

"This factor is definitely an iPoker cash machine."

"Most entertaining profile I've come across.Inch

"I love to load Wild Bill after i am within the profit an MTT, it finishes great."

Lucky1's SNG profile:

"Just began using that one and am very impressed."

"Required first devote the very first SNG I attempted it in!"

"I really like this profile."

You are able to download the most recent form of the bot here

Should you prefer a license, there's a hyperlink for buying one around the bot menu itself, or at the end from the profile page above.

Remember, the bot are now able to identify opponent screen names in the iPoker rooms. Which means you should use your Poker Tracker or Holdem Manager databases to recognize gamers with heavily-problematic playing styles and also have the bot instantly play in a certain style against them (for instance, always creating a flop continuation wager against gamers who have a superior flop-fold percentage, or checking and calling with strong on the job the flop and switch against gamers with maniac stats).

There you have it for the time being. Enjoy the various profiles and we'll help you-or perhaps your bot-in the tables.


Shanky Technologies Team