December 31, 2013

New Poker Bot Results

Here we are at an update on a few of the recent results our people happen to be confirming using our Holdem Bot software. Lots of people enter into poker-botting using the intent of clearing first time deposit bonuses and/or grinding rakeback, so we'll start there. The next two surveys are from clients who're simply using the default profile which comes pre-loaded within the bot:

"The default profile, Doodle 103, has become great. Plays much better than I actually do entirely ring games. My 9-years old daughter could make money at online poker by using this.Inch

"I love to allow the Doodle play to obtain my deposit bonus launched. It's often a minimum of break-even just in play, meaning I keep your bonuses as profit."

It is simple to "tweak" the profile to help make the bot play in whatever way you would like for just about any poker situation. Due to that, a number of our people have produced custom profiles, most of which can be found within our discussion board. A well known one out of recent occasions is known as Tensor, which is made for fixed limit games. Here is a graph published within our forum showing the outcomes from over 200,000 hands performed:

Eventually, though, most poker-botters turn to MTT's (competitions). That is because it's apparent this is when the actual cash is.

Consider it. The bot plays perfectly, but an enormous number of tournament players are terrible and do not manage their stack correctly. They're just playing the lottery, and also have negligable possibility of creating a final-table finish. The bot uses this and will get you far in to the money, where one can then dominate if you want - or, let the bot finish the darn factor. Lots of first place finishes in large-area occasions happen to be reported while using bot completely unassisted.

The next comments were lately published about just one of the numerous good MTT profiles obtainable in our discussion board:

"Consistently carrying out well. Had several nice scores recently including winning one $1 tourney for $100 , coming second inside a rebuy tourney for any $300 prize, scoring an admission to an ipops tourney for any nice itm score and various itm and final tables. My bankroll expires substantially."

"This profile required second within an MTT unassisted. The 20 min Heads Up fight was pretty epic to look at. The bot must have won it. Thanks!"

Throughout the holiday season, there's lots of loose and drunken money available in the online poker tables - especially within the New Year's holiday and also the weekend soon after. Now's an outstanding time to place your poker bot to operate. You are able to download the most recent version here:


There you have it for the time being. Should you prefer a license, there is a link around the bot menu to purchase one. Have some fun beating online poker inside your sleep so we wish a greatly prosperous 2014!

December 12, 2013

How to install the bot less than a minute and start playing 200 hands free

This video shows you how easy to install the Poker Bot in a minute and start playing poker without any complicate process. No purchase required! You can play 200 hands totally free! The bot comes with the default doodle profile which is designed by Egor based on huge amount of forum members reports and analysis.

After you installed the bot your only work left to open and setup your poker room client for the bot then click to the "Start" button. And have fun!

December 10, 2013

Big Poker Bot Wins

We would have liked to talk about a few of the large wins that customers in our Holdem Bot software happen to be confirming. They are always an enjoyable experience to listen to about, so we'll begin with the greatest.

Our clients really hit a poor beat jackpot running the bot. Regrettably it had been a little one, because it had been hit prior. He wasn't worrying as he returned to his PC and located he was all of a sudden greater than $25,000 more potent, however. In the excitement he sent us screenshots and decided to let's distribute them, together with his screen title, in return for a $600 payment from us. In the last second he transformed his mind, that is understandable and may well be a smart decision. Congratulations to him anyway.

Jackpot mining with this bot at Winning Poker Network is really a highly EV strategy. This can be done using the default profile the bot comes packed with, Doodle 103. Which means we're around the 103rd form of this profile, and also the comments within our discussion board recently are raving concerning the solid tight-aggressive game it now plays. The default profile does best at full ring games, but when 6-max is the factor we've loose-aggressive profiles too - check out "Wild Bill" or even the "Little Eco-friendly" profile within our discussion board, both free. The most recent form of the bot works at three WPN rooms: America's Card Room, Black Chip Poker, and 5 Dimes (please be aware 5 Dimes takes gamers all 50 U.S. states).

Another method to score a large win while poker botting reaches MTT's. A number of our people focus on these, and you will find freshly-up-to-date tournament profiles readily available for our bot that are just superb. Here are a few actual reviews from your clients:

"Place the bot within an MTT and visited mattress. After I awoke it had won the damn factor and my bankroll had grown by $1440."

"Began off in free-comes until I built a little bankroll after which did $1 occasions before the bot won one, then did $5 occasions, and merely stored growing after that. Now I've got a $1200 bankroll and also the bot is continually making money the $20 2 occasions."

"After I checked back there have been only five gamers excluded from 280 that began and also the bot was the large stack. I required over after that and cruised to some $3,000 win. Thanks, Shanky!"

Visit our discussion board and browse your comments ought to around the profile threads on your own. Our people our making large cashes, aided in different levels by utilizing our software. Their success tales will make a lamp set off over your mind. There are checked the bot out recently, you need to - and set a chuckle in online poker again. You are able to download the most recent version (that has been fixed for that recent Winning Poker Network software updates) here:

Download here!

If you want to grind rakeback or obvious first time deposit bonuses, that's working well too. The bot presently supports greater than twenty poker rooms across five systems, which includes support for many Italian, French, The spanish language, Danish, and EU sites. We are sure you'll try to have a great time and perhaps create a little money as well.

There you have it for the time being. Should you prefer a license there is a connect to purchase one around the bot menu itself. Someone else will hit a large jackpot or win a sizable tournament using our bot soon - could it be you?

November 12, 2013

Poker Bot Status Update

We simply published version 7.2.4 in our Poker Bot software which adds support for Snap Poker at 888. This is actually the new "speed" game at 888, a kind of online poker that is now well-liked by cash game mills. Every poker network appears to become applying some types of it. You are able to download the most recent form of our bot which assists Snap Poker here:


In the iPoker rooms this type of poker is known as "Speed Poker" and also at Bodog/Bovada it's known as "Zone Poker." The most recent Holdem bot works whatsoever these games too. Please be aware the bot may also multi-table whatsoever speed poker versions, and that means you could possibly get within an easy 600 hands of poker every hour with one bot license. What a method to obvious first time deposit bonuses or grind rakeback.

FYI Because Snap Poker is totally new at 888 the tables are considered to be very soft right now.

If competitions are the factor rather, the bot works in most MTT/SNG formats too including DON's and heads up matches. A lot of our people do very well in MTT's. Here are a few comments lately published within our discussion board:

"Nice profile. I left it alone also it required a high-10 finish from 850 records."

"Used this inside a couple of low-buyin tourneys. The bot required first in one of these, plus other cashes."

"The bot just required second within an MTT totally unassisted. I even viewed it play a legendary heads up 20-minute fight also it might have won otherwise for any really bad beat."

Whatever type of online poker you're into, our bot might help. Cash games, 1-table SNG's, large MTT's, speed games, whatever. We've ready-made profiles available that concentrate on nearly all the games type, which you'll download within our discussion board. Obviously, most likely the best factor to complete is "tweak" one of these the way you like, because you can result in the bot play in whatever way you would like for just about any poker situation. It's quite simple to complete nowadays, and we're happy that will help you with this within the forum.

The bot is presently working at 20 poker sites across 5 different systems including multiple sites for USA gamers, Italian gamers, French gamers, EU-rooms, Danish-friendly sites, along with a The spanish language site.

There you have it for the time being. Should you prefer a bot license, there' a control button to buy one directly on the bot menu itself (which you'll download in the above link). Have some fun at Snap Poker and we'll help you - or perhaps your bot - in the cashier window.

November 11, 2013

About the Account Selling:

Account selling in online poker happens when one player sells his chair inside a tournament to a different player following the tournament has started. To allow other people make use of your account is from the rules of each and every online poker room and it is considered cheating. Account selling is exclusive to online poker since the anonymity enables differing people to experience without having to be observed.

What is The Benefit IN ACCOUNT SELLING?

The most typical scenario is really a novice player selling his account within the late stages of the tournament to some more powerful player, or perhaps a professional with a better possibility of winning the tourny. You can observe the benefit this provides towards the professional purchasing the account, because:

The late stages of the tournament, like the “final table” are where professional gamers have the most important edge

Nobody while dining knows they're having fun with a professional, they believe they're playing the person who is the owner of the account. Imagine playing against Phil Ivey for your chips and never even realizing it.


Account selling and “ghosting” is typical practice between buddies however, many say that it's commonplace one of the high stakes competitions too. People “buying” accounts in the late stages of Billion dollar prize pool tournament are surely having to pay out a large sum for your account. After this logic it's possible to think that the folks purchasing the accounts are professional gamers. It was proven within the famous situation of Sorel Mizzi and Chris Vaughn.


Online poker sites took a tough stance with gamers involved with account selling. It doesn't matter if they're well-known or otherwise, once we have observed in the instances of Sorel Mizzi and Chris Vaughn, who have been both banned coupled with their winnings confiscated.

November 7, 2013

Online Holdem Poker Bots

Previously, the problem of online poker bots is a reason for concern for that online poker community. These “bots” make choices for that user, always calculate proper pot odds, never continue tilt, never get tired ect… Famous but outdated software like Winholdem permitted customers to program their very own poker bots, and towns even created where using online poker bots was recommended and talked about.


Within our online poker bot reviews, we'll make sure and review most of the top poker bots available on the market. The poker bots examined listed here are presently the very best bots offered at this time around.

poker bot buy

Online poker bots could be lucrative simply because they never continue tilt, and can calculate odds immediately. Poker bots are specifically effective when multi-tabling, just because a bot making only a small profit will have the ability to achieve this at multiple tables over lengthy amounts of time. The current poker bot cheating scandal at Full Tilt is evidence of that individuals are making money with them.

A lot of the outdated poker bots that individuals program generate losses. It is because most these bots cannot result in the reads on their own competitors that should beat today’s game. However, you will find new bots available on the market like BonusBots, claiming professional-quality play.


People use bots for various reasons. Some use bots to create a profit at online poker, while some utilize them for entertainment and revel in fine-tuning and trying out the program. Leisure bot use is called “botting”. A listing of causes of using bots:

To create a make money from other gamers

Leisure use or “botting”

To obvious online poker bonuses

Must I Be Frightened OF POKER BOTS?

In the modern video game, poker bots are thought to become mostly harmless. Or, these bots are even viewed as targets because of their foreseeable play. You ought to not fear online poker bots, but simply them just like any other player. Despite the fact that they're mostly harmless, poker bots have been in breach from the relation to online poker rooms, thus they're strictly forbidden and regarded cheating by most online poker sites.

How Can Poker Rooms Identify BOTS?

Most bot customers can mask their software and steer clear of being detected through the online poker sites. So, these websites use various techniques to identify bots, and they are utilized too. When you realize your attacker is really a poker bot, it might be super easy to experience against it.

Fundamental essentials signs poker rooms search for when attempting to find out is really a player is really a bot. Some things to look for could be:

Plays for lengthy amounts of time with no break

Has the capacity to multi-table perfectly (not timing out ect..)

Never types anything in chat, or responds to individuals

November 4, 2013

About The Online Poker MULTI-ACCOUNTING:

Multi-accounting happens when one individual controls many accounts, playing within the same game from multiple computer systems. Multi-accounting is much more prevalent than collusion, since the cheat could possibly get exactly the same advantages of collusion, but doesn't have to talk about the earnings.

Using the advantage the cheat will get by using multiple accounts, he is able to simply select from the very best beginning hands worked to any or all the accounts, as well as while using many other collusion techniques available.


It is simple for any cheat to obtain some other accounts to experience with. All he must do is request his girlfriend, his cousin, his buddy from work, to create a merchant account in an online poker room. It wouldn't be a challenge for any cheat to obtain three, four, or five accounts in one game. This will make multi-accounting a really lucrative enterprise for poker cheats.


Multi-accounting is generally found may be the Sit and Go Competitions, or “SNG’s. It's here the cheat may use techniques like chip dumping, and focusing on gamers for elimination. When utilizing multi-accounting and poker cheat software while playing SNG competitions, the cheat can provide themself a signifigant edge within the opposition.


Multi-accounting is common at short handed games, because it provides the cheat a simple chance to make use of multiple accounts is the majority while dining. For instance, he'd control three accounts inside a five-handed game. The cheat may use his benefit to concentrate on the other two gamers at the overall game. Oftentimes it is just like play heads up, but except you receive worked three hands as well as your opponent just one.


It's also common for cheats to experience multiple accounts in large area online poker tourneys. Even poker pro’s happen to be recognized to “multi-account” in online MTT’s. Imagine needing to use Daniel Negreanu or Phily Ivey 6 occasions in the WSOP.


This site is going to be centered on the problem of online poker collusion. Collusion in poker happens when several gamers while dining conspire from the others to be able to profit. For instance, two gamers share details about their hands with each other while smartly betting for their advantage. It was among the primary styles in the famous poker movie “Rounders”.


Prior to the times of online poker, cheats needed to use various signals to allow their partners understand what they'd. Now, cheats can easily exchange information over the telephone, or higher messenger, or higher Skype, ect. Quite simply, it's very simple for online poker collusion to occur.

I pointed out the film Rounders, because collusion was almost glorified, which was at time before online poker was produced. Within the movie, two buddies turn to elaborate techniques to be able to collude poker games, putting themselves at risk in addition. When colluding online, cheats can share information and discuss strategy very easily. They're also totally protected against physical harm or consequences.


To be able to safeguard yourself against online poker collusion you have to acquaint yourself with a few of the techniques that cheats use when colluding, to ensure that you are able to recognize them and act accordingly.

Information Discussing:

This is actually the foundation of collusion. The cheats will communicate their hidden hole cards to one another and discuss their technique for the hands. Dads and moms of physical poker games, gamers needed a more sophisticated system of signals to do this, description of how the can easily talk on the telephone or higher Goal or MSN messenger.

Playing the very best hands:

Playing the very best hands means the cheats will choose which hands has got the best possibility of winning and fold the relaxation. This is actually the most typical strategy utilized in online poker collusion, which is also the very best. Imagine you had been worked 3 or more hands in a poker game and could determine which one you want to play, performs this not supply the people colluding having a signifigant edge?

Whip Sawing:

This is known to because the “squeeze play” in which the cheats enter a hands together and trap people into call bets and boosts. Among the cheats have a monster, and the partner may have nothing, and can bet and raise to obtain more money who are holding cards, then simply just fold around the river. This can be a blatant type of collusion that's mostly utilized by amateurs (or individuals who aren’t scared of being caught).

Chip Dumping:

This can be a common way of colluding online tournament play. Many gamers will pool their cash and enter a tournament together, developing a collusion “team”. When part of the collusion “team” includes a low chipstack another cheats will dump chips to him to be able to have them within the tournament.


Online poker sites do their finest to curb the collusion. There is a current scandal where a collusion ring was busted at and cash was returned the sufferers of the collusion ring.

October 27, 2013

Basics of Professional Gambling: Edge, Expectation, Variance, & Bonus Hunting

This publish would be to answer many of the newbie questions we obtain every so often, and hopefully to determine a obvious knowledge of what it's bonus predators and other kinds of professional bettors do that enables these to make consistent profits. I should also make certain newcomers who're considering an order associated with a in our items possess the right anticipation entering it.

You will observe I simply known to bonus predators as a kind of professional gambler. This is, because wise bonus predators only bet additional numbers whether they have an advantage Body produced through the bonus money, despite the fact that the games they play possess a fixed house edge.

You will find several concepts you have to grasp to be able to earn money gambling. When you do that (and put them into action), the term gambling becomes the wrong term itself - because if you're having fun with an advantage you're only gambling meaning that casinos could consider themselves to become gambling - which is pretty generally recognized that operating an online casino is one method to create profits.

Therefore the first concept is the thought of getting an advantage. An advantage is really a mathematical advantage. If you're betting a buddy $1 on gold coin flicks nobody comes with an edge. Now, should you accept pay him $1.10 each time he wins and that he only needs to pay out $1.00 when won by you, lucrative comes with an edge. This specific edge computes to become 5% that's each time the gold coin is turned his expectation is 5 cents in profit and yours is really a 5-cent loss.

This doesn’t mean much if the overall game will probably be short. Say you switch the gold coin three or four occasions then quit. Both of you may perfectly win all of the bets. But when you stay in the hand, eventually your friend may have all of your money. It's a mathematical certainty. In the event that requires a very long time, say 1000's of flicks, after that you can divide how much money you lost by the amount of gold coin flicks and you will notice that each switch signifies almost exactly minus 5 cents for you. Astonishing? Not necessarily. Lengthy-term results eventually get to their expectation.

Within this example your friend had an advantage while he had been compensated a lot more than even cash on a 50/50 chance, but an advantage may also be accomplished when you are compensated even money when the odds are to your benefit - allows say he understood the gold coin was biased and that he was calling all of the flicks. An advantage may come from the type of odds. If you're betting on the equine that's having to pay 5-1 odds and the actual likelihood of winning are about 25%, you possess an edge. Whenever the payout is larger compared to actual likelihood of winning, that’s an advantage.

Internet casinos have a house fringe of different levels on all the games they provide you. Some are worse than the others. Allow It To Ride Poker for instance, typically includes a house fringe of around 3.5% while Blackjack (when performed properly) has only a home fringe of around one-1 / 2 of 1 %, or .50%. Which means should you play perfect fundamental strategy you're likely to lose around one half-cent for every dollar you wager over time, and when you play lengthy enough you'll find that’s precisely what happened.

This idea from the edge eventually accumulated to precisely what it's designed to is called Expectation. And you may bank onto it. Casinos do, plus they not have any problems meeting payroll. There's no denying math ultimately.

It’s vital that you realize that there's not a way around expectation. You simply can’t do anything whatsoever about this. There's no system of different your bet size which has any affect whatsoever onto it. A very long time ago a man named Martingale invented progressive betting systems, but they're all useless for changing expectation. You'll go through the worst-situation scenario eventually, and most likely earlier than you believe. Should you switch a gold coin 100 occasions there's an excellent chance you will visit a run of 13 heads or tails consecutively on the way.

Which raises the following vital concept: Variance. You will notice this expression used within our forum a great deal, frequently by anyone who has just gone through a losing streak. Variance is a means of explaining short-term luck. Short-term answers are erratic the shorter the word the greater erratic they're. If you are planning to experience one hands against b .50% house edge you aren’t likely to lose one half percent of the bet. Your answers are likely likely to be whether 100% win or perhaps a 100% loss. That’s up to variance will get. The home edge is negated within this circumstance, a lot to ensure that it doesn’t even matter (being so small).

While you keep playing the influence of variance is constantly reduced as the influence of expectation is constantly elevated. Should you play two hands and quit you'll most likely either lose 100%, win 100%, or win 50%. Odds are roughly even that you'll win 50%. This can be a reduced variance than only playing one hands. The greater you take part in the less important variance is and also the more essential edge is, even what appears just like a really small edge.

Variance is impacted by how big the advantage in almost any particular game. Other things being equal, the greater the advantage the low the variance. However, other situations are not necessarily equal! Variance can also be impacted by the guidelines of the overall game. A really low edge game may have a high variance. An example is a game title where longshots should be hit to be able to reach the expectation, like a Royal Flush in electronic poker.

Which means you can’t win playing against an adverse expectation if you are planning to experience for just about any real period of time. Professional bettors avoid this and set their cash into positive anticipation only. You'll want a bankroll big enough to ride the natural shifts in the overall game in other words your operating capital should be sufficient to soak up the variance.

Bonus predators have an optimistic expectation regardless of the truth that the games they play possess a house edge. This really is due to the first time deposit bonuses that casinos offer so that they can attract action. What this effectively does is create a completely new game known as Bonus Hunting, in which the casino customer (who plays it right) really likes the mathematical advantage. Various methods are utilized for pushing just as much bonus money as you possibly can, and various individuals have different specifications for variance. Thus some bonus predators fare better than the others.

Our Blackjack Bot is really a tool made to do a lot inside your bonus-hunting mission. Stick to the advice within our instructions and in here to maximise your expectation and reduce the results of variance (should you want). But do be ready for variance. You will see both upswings and downswings. Neither are essential! Avoid both festivities after winning streaks and despondency after losing streaks. Realize that variance really isn’t a threat whatsoever. Come prepared having a proper bankroll and behave like an expert.

September 29, 2013

Poker Bot types and review

There are four basic types of poker bots on the market:

1. Win Holdem or Open Holdem Robots
Winholdem clicks on the correct buttons but don’t know what to do. It’s for developers, to provide them an increase start and permit them to program the playing instructions. You should know programming code to prevail, C/C++. Poker sites learn about these and therefore are trying to catch them, so you have to mix using two PC’s to be able to hide them: one supports the Win Hold’em program, another supports the poker site software. It’s rather complicated and involves lots of effort to use it well.

2. Third Party Brains

This category includes the OPI bots (OPI means Online Poker Inspector or even more particularly Online Holdem inspector). The bot software uses a 3rd party brain to create choices, usually some form of poker odds software that provides playing advice in the current situation. The issue using these is the fact that you will find insufficient variables within the poker advice programs to create a good Robot. Low limit games at certain poker sites are filled with these OPI bots. Our Poker bot will destroy them with time.

OPI is indeed a time instructor which makes choices from real-time odds and pre-designed instructions. OPI itself isn't the "Poker Bot" and depends on the "aftermarket clickers" to complete the decisions. No default profiles appear to become those who win.

Requires acquisition of two items rather than one, and OPI is a little overpriced. The Poker Bot is a "clicker" that reads the signals output by OPI. Each time there's a texas holdem room upgrade, you have to hold back for parties to update their software to function your bot again. And also the OPI developers are a little slow when the fixes needed.

Seriously limited within the information it gathers. You've got no method of improving who the aggressor is. As OPI doesn't have memory of actions on any previous "street" resulting in many donk bets. Before we checked out the program it had not been in a position to discern your relative position for your active competitors, or perhaps let you know the number of remained as within the hands on publish-flop betting models. It's virtually impossible to become a lucrative poker player (human or robot) over the very cheapest micro stakes, without use of these details.

3. Self-contained Bots
We've bought a few that suit this category through the years, however they always switched to be junk or scam. So they are not recommended!

To operate our bot you simply open this program, load your playing profile/script, open the poker site, click start and hide the bot program. If you are not a C++ programmer but you want play with a well developed Poker Bot that able to play cash games and tournaments structures of all types, this holdem bot is currently your only choice! This is our recommended software: just download the free trial here! Request to join the support forum and you will see it for yourself!

September 27, 2013

About the Push or Fold Strategy (easy to program it)

There isn’t any simple treatment for being a winning poker player but you will find a number of simple, easy-to-execute poker moves which will make an enormous amount of impact on your main point here.

By fine-tuning these tactics you’ll convey more tools to offer work on the poker table. You’ll have the ability to better understand your competitors and just how to control them, which will translate straight to money in your wallet.

Today we’re searching at just how to experience shortstacked by utilizing push/fold strategy, sometimes known as “all-in or fold”.

By reducing your choices to simply two simple moves you’ll have the very best possibility of returning in your ft and creating a deep run within the tournament.

By moving all-in and folding in the right occasions you'll:

 -Make use of your stack effectively to get blinds and antes

- Avoid losing valuable chips by limping or raising simply to fold later within the hands

- Don't allow a brief stack prevent you from doing large things.

The What: Push/Fold strategy is what it may sound like: Lowering your listing of choices to either moving all-in or folding your hands prior to the flop.

The Why: Whenever your stack will get below 10 large blinds you are able to no more manage to spend chips by limping or raising, simply to fold later within the hands. By only moving all-in or folding you are able to take advantage of what couple of chips you've.

The Where: All-in or fold technique is utilized in competitions and sit and go’s, where shortstack the situation is common because of rising blinds.

The When: Push/Fold poker strategy is necessary if you have 10 large blinds or less.

Push/Folding the proper way

When just beginning poker player it is best to come up with your choices as simple and simple as you possibly can.

All-in or fold strategy takes that concept to heart by understanding a couple of simple concepts you’ll have the ability to utilize it to create better choices when you are shortstacked in poker competitions.

The phrase “shortstacked” changes based on whom you request but it’s generally recognized that for those who have ten large blinds or less, you’re short.

You need to know how large your stack is in accordance with the blinds Whatsoever Occasions but ten large blinds is definitely an particularly important benchmark to understand.

Professional Tip:

To higher understand your stack size considering blinds and antes, learn how to calculate your M-Ratio, one produced by former world champion Serta Harrington in their Zone System.

Exactly why is All-In Much better than Raise?

Like a shortstack your greatest problem is survival and the easiest method to do that's to prevent confrontation. You have to be acquainted with playing the shortstack.

Imagine you've ten large blinds also it folds for you around the button. You raise a typical 3x and also the large blind looks lower at T J suited.

Many gamers would call your 3x raise with this hands, but fold had you moved all-set for the entire ten large blinds.

Unless of course you've got a monster hands like pocket bullets or nobleman, it’s more suitable for the competitors to fold and that you should take lower the blinds and antes.

Stealing The Right Path to some Large Stack

Rather than attempting to double-track of an exciting-in when you are short you are able to construct your stack by utilizing position and aggression to win the blinds and antes. In a perfect world all of your competitors could be tight-passive gamers that fold everything however the greatest hands, no matter rising blinds and dwindling stacks.

However your competitors realize that they're not able to manage to sit around and wait for hands that might appear, and thus in the event you. Think about these key elements when determining to maneuver all-in or fold:

Remember to be the very first player in to the pot unless of course you've got a premium hands and wish to get known as.

The greater your situation, the greater hands you are able to shove with.

If you are facing loose gamers or large stacks within the blinds, firm up your pushing range. When the blinds are tight and just calling with premium hands release up.

Unless of course you've got a monster hands winning the blinds and antes is more suitable to jeopardizing elimination.

Push/Fold Strategy around the Bubble

The most crucial exception to fundamental push/fold poker happens when you’re around the bubble of the tournament or sit and go.

Due to the huge equity distinction between bubbling and making the cash you'll need a larger edge to warrant jeopardizing elimination by having an all-in.

This idea is better highlighted through the math formula referred to as Independent Nick Model (ICM) but when just beginning all that you should know is when you’re moving all-in or calling all-in around the bubble, you need to possess a good reason.

If you feel you’re flipping a gold coin just fold and wait for better place.

September 18, 2013

Poker Bot Solutions

Two of the most common questions we obtain about our Holdem bot are 1) Asking whether it supports a particular site, and a pair of) What's the best strategy/profile/way for doing things. Let us address individuals questions now.

Their email list of presently supported sites is positively maintained around the product info page on the website, as well as at the outset of the Holdem Bot Instructions. You could download the most recent form of the bot here:


But to rapidly recap, the bot presently supports a lot more than 20 poker rooms the following: 12-iPoker rooms, 2-888 rooms, 3-WPN rooms, 2-Cake/Revolution rooms, plus Bodog and Bovada. With that list you'll find rooms with licenses for that EU, Belgium, Denmark, The country, Italia, and France together with four USA-friendly rooms (including 5 Dimes now, that takes gamers all 50 states including Washington and Maryland).

The 2nd real question is harder to reply to. It's like asking an angler what the easiest method to catch seafood is. It is dependent on in which you go fishing, when, and which kind of seafood you're after. But, listed here are a couple of specific ideas:

* MTT's: This is actually the simplest approach to take and that we always recommend it to newcomers and anybody battling in cash games. The bot comes with an automatic edge in MTT's because a lot dead money plays inside them. Any decent MTT profile includes a significant edge, and that we have ample them within the discussion board. Each week, a minimum of twelve in our clients report a large top-3 finish while using bot, frequently completely unassisted. These may be huge bankroll-boosts.

* Rakeback Grinding: Using the 50% iPoker rakeback deals which are available, you will get creative about this. Speed poker and regular 6-max tables would be the usual targets, but consider working the 6-max super turbo SNG's having a fundamental push or fold profile. This is a terrific way to obvious first time deposit bonuses. There's add-on software obtainable in our forum that may join these for you personally instantly, all day long lengthy.

* Talking about add-on software, Webber's "Hydra Professional" hopper can join games by opponent reputation for you. So, you should use the bot to focus on a listing of seafood, getting the Hydra Professional software scour the tables all day long until your seafood turns up after which place your bot at this table. In the iPoker rooms, you may also set our bot to experience in certain manner when your player names is incorporated in the hands. How's that for laser-targetting?

You will find many, a number of other ways to use our bot. Our most effective people are usually those who are the most creative. Some utilize it in 'double up' SNG's, some in common 9-max cash games, plus some even at manages tables. Whatever way you choose to siphon off money in the huge whirlwind of money flowing backwards and forwards in the internet poker rooms, our bot will help you get it done more effectively.

There you have it for the time being. Should you prefer a license, there's a hyperlink around the bot itself to buy one, which you'll download in the page above. Have some fun in the poker rooms, and we'll help you or perhaps your bot in the final table.


Shanky Technologies Team

September 17, 2013

Why is Poker Bot making money?

“poker bots” - have finally been playing online for a long time and also the trend is speeding up. The growing activity on poker bots forums and also the growing interest produced through the annual poker bot competition (organized through the College of Alberta) are prime indications of the trend.

Obviously, internet poker rooms happen to be fighting bots forever because it affects their

revenues but, discovering bots has become tougher every single day as bots enhance their

counter-recognition measures. While Full Tilt, one of the main internet poker rooms, lately

effectively detected a network of bots (and redistributed the grabbed bankrolls, 1000's of

dollars, towards the misled human competitors), it just shows the end from the iceberg.

This growing existence of internet poker bots proves, if still needed, that it's a very lucrative

business to stay in. But exactly how are poker bots raking online money? Quite simply, why poker

bots are extremely effective against human gamers?

Thomas Kessler, founding father of My Poker Coach (a totally free Poker training service with different

leading bot), describes why is poker bots so strong:

Over time, poker bots are winning against humans which may be easily described with a

quantity of bots’ intrinsic qualities:

Analytical energy: bots have, already today, an enormous quantity of analytical energy also it

will further double every 2 yrs as computer systems be effective. Our bot,

for example, models ~5 million situations in the Flop in under another to perfectly

measure the current hands strength and also the possible final results. Something an individual player

will clearly never match.

Long term memory: are you able to remember the way the opponent sitting alongside you recently was

playing? Bots possess a memory which will never fail. They are able to remember all of their opponent’s

previous actions and style of. Within our situation, we store all of the observed moves (even when

our bot isn’t within the hands) inside a large database and, the next time we play from the same

opponent - even just in three years, we know his style of.

Discipline: most humans are available to feelings and therefore are sometimes searching for adrenaline

in a game title. Bots are disciplined and can, for example, never use a tilt. Discipline is type in

poker and try to takes care of over time.

Game richness: you will find many great poker strategy books available but many gamers

remember under 20% from it plus they frequently over-make use of the couple of methods they remember.

Bots can become familiar with a large group of methods and just apply them when most suitable.

Persistence: who loves to fold 80% of his hands without seeing the Flop? Bots is only going to play

hands that needs to be performed, even when they’ll need to spend many of their time watching

competitors playing (and collecting info on their style of).

When requested what human gamers can perform to defeat bots, Thomas states: to improve the chance

against bots you need to certainly train yourself together to understand their play pattern

and you ought to frequently improve your online ID to ensure that bots can’t depend on their own historic database when playing against you.

So, the next time you play online, request yourself if you are prepared to play against bots!

September 15, 2013

Poker Strategy Tips

To become a truly great Texas Hold Them Poker player, you have to have the ability to read your competitors, determining when they're bluffing and they genuinely have a good hands. But learning some fundamental methods and general rules goes a lengthy way toward ensuring you can at any rate hold your personal inside a friendly game.

A Couple Of Things to continually Remember

It might appear silly to become reminded from the following fundamental details, but it is surprising how frequently gamers get taken in the thrill of the overall game and end up forgetting the fundamentals.

So, remember both of these things:

1. The 2 cards you possess would be the only cards that set you aside from another gamers and provide you with the opportunity to win.

2. All the face-up cards are community cards, shared on your part and each other player. It's crucial that you concentrate on what individuals cards can often mean to another person a minimum of around you concentrate on the things they mean for you. Particularly, be on the lookout for the opponents' straight and flush options.

Evaluating Your Cards

Usually, the very first decision you are making inside a hands of Texas Hold Them Poker happens together with your only understanding being what your two cards are.

Whenever you review your cards, take care not to reveal anything together with your reaction -- facial or else. Going for a sharp breath, regardless of how silently you're doing so, will easily notice a clever opponent all he must know with an edge on you. Keyword: emotionless.

How are you aware in case your cards are great?

It is dependent simply on the number of gamers have been in the overall game, but an over-all rule is you should you should consider folding prior to the flop for those who have two non-pair cards, both under 10. A far more conservative player might fold if one of them is under 10 a far more aggressive player might remain in with, for instance, an 8 and 9 of the identical suit (because individuals cards provide you with decent options for any straight or perhaps a flush).

When the large blind (a forced wager designed to make sure that every hands includes a pot) is low enough, it might be useful to pay for in to ensure that you can observe the flop even when you do not have particularly strong cards inside your hands. Try not to abuse this exception towards the rule -- it may enable you to get into trouble more rapidly than you would imagine.

Lots of Texas Hold Them strategy is dependant on them inside your hands. You've got to be prepared to endure a number of poor hands (e.g. 5-8, 2-6, 4-9) without getting impatient. The great hands can come, eventually, and you will be in stronger position to make the most of them if you do not waste your chips looking to get something from nothing.

The Flop

Having seen the flop, you shouldn't be afraid to chop your deficits. A typical mistake produced by beginners would be to decide, "I am already within this hands, and so i may as well listen to it out." Wrong.

With seven gamers in a table, two pair or better will normally function as the winning hands. Without having our prime pair following the flop (e.g. when the flop is K-9-5, our prime pair could be two Ks), and you are not in good position for any straight or perhaps a flush, you need to most likely get free from the hands.

However, keep in mind that as the amount of gamers goes lower, the same is true the potential for a powerful hands -- therefore if you are in a table with only two other gamers, it might repay to become more aggressive.

If you are first to wager following the flop, you shouldn't be afraid to check on. This could work to your benefit in 2 ways. First, in case your hands is around the weak side, you may have the ability to see yet another card without needing to put more in to the pot. Second, in case your hands is powerful, you can convince a rival or two it's less strong than it truly is.

4th Street and Fifth Street

Also termed as The Turn and also the River, correspondingly, the 4th and fifth community cards provide you with two more chances either to get free from the pot before you decide to lose much more money -- or improve your winnings.

At this time, it's likely there are only a couple of other gamers still who are holding cards along with you. The best way forward here will be careful. After 4th street, don't remain in the pot wishing for any straight or flush, unless of course that can be done on the check (that's, without having to put more chips in to the pot). Although you will see occasions whenever you might have attracted the straight or flush, they'll be outweighed through the occasions you would not.

The end result is this: Don't let yourself become drawn in too much having a weak hands.

Nevertheless, there's a place in which the investment you've already made virtually dictates that you simply stay. It's helpful to determine this when it comes to number of your chips. For instance, if you have committed 40% of the chips towards the pot, another 5% is not much. This can be a grey area, so once more the best way forward will be careful.

September 14, 2013

How to recognize other bots?

Poker bots are essentially a part of a network of robots that play online poker at a number of tables/sites to be able to earn profits. Those who allow us these programs are very intelligent and they're only to acquire one factor, your hard earned money!

Most websites have measures in position to identify bots and fortunately for that player, you will find very few around, but you will find some sites which have no real measures in position to identify them, that is in which the bots freely roam the tables and therefore are frequently undetected by most gamers.

A texas holdem bot isn’t certain to win each hands, but they're designed to experience standard poker moves as well as for hrs at any given time, on a variety of tables. Poker bots aren’t prone to play any silly moves, and that's why they often create a steady profit during the day.

You are able to identify them simply because they will invariably perform certain moves, for example making the identical position bets each time, whether or not they have been in small blind, large blind or underneath the gun (right from the dealer).

Your move (or other gamers move) on a single table determines the bots next move. They'll make standard boosts when it's about time and when you are making an inadequate raise, they'll over-raise you simply to purchase the pot. Also, should you drink too much towards the pot (over-raise), they will probably call or place you all in, particularly if the bot includes a semi decent hands.

Not every internet poker gamers are extremely communicative, meaning they have their chat configurations turned off and bots won't ever contact anybody. If you see that they're tugging exactly the same moves each time, possibly that player could actually be considered a program and never a real individual.

Some sites permit you to view other player’s information within the primary lobby, for example the other tables they're using. In the event that they're using for instance 10 tables or even more, there's certainly something fishy happening. For those who have your doubts about among the gamers, you need to contact the support stating the username/table number and explain the accusations you might have.

If you're a seasoned professional, recognizing a bot isn't very difficult, but because pointed out you will find very couple of to really be worried about online. However, they are doing exist so always try to be careful for repetitive behavior and merely bear in mind.

99.9% of times you'll be playing against real gamers, but who knows in which a bot might be hiding. Once guess what happens to look for, it's not very difficult taking money from their store around the tables since you can virtually guarantee what their next move is going to be. Much more doubt, speak out, otherwise bots continues playing on the internet and unchallenged.

September 11, 2013

New Poker Bot Results

Here we are at an update how a lot of our people happen to be doing recently with this Poker Bot software. Just in case you have not been having to pay attention, our bot now supports a lot more than twenty different real-money internet poker rooms. Including lots of EU sites, a The spanish language site, several Italian and French sites, sites with Danish and Belgian licenses, and today four USA-friendly sites (since we simply added 5 Dimes). You are able to download the most recent form of the bot here:


We like it when new people report success tales, also it appears we've become a number of of these recently, including:

"I began the bot inside a tournament. It had not been succeeding and lost about 50 % its stack and so i visited mattress. After I woke up each morning, I discovered it won the darn factor and that i was hundreds of dollars more potent."

And the other:

"Got the bot. Loaded the disposable MTT profile and set it inside a $10,000 guarantee. It required second place, simply by itself, and that i banked a lot more than $2,000 in prize money. Awesome."

At the end of the email is really a graph lately published by our people once they went among the profiles within our discussion board in excess of 100,000 hands in cash games. Focus with that graph and you'll see they're up almost 6,000 large blinds. Much less shabby for any couple of mouse clicks every single day.

After which there is the Bad Beat Jackpot at Winning Poker Network (America's Cardroom, Blackchip Poker, True Poker, and today 5 Dimes Poker). We've got an e-mail from someone whose bot had a nice bit of the jackpot. Clearly, we can not give particulars -- but let us just express it was table share or better, and they're doing an very happy dance at the moment. Incidentally, 5 Dimes accepts gamers all 50 U.S. states including Washington and Maryland.

There you have it for the time being. Should you prefer a bot license, there's a hyperlink to buy one around the bot itself, which you'll download in the link above. Have some fun beating internet poker when you are sleeping and we'll help you or perhaps your bot in the final table.


Shanky Technologies Team

July 29, 2013

Betfair Supported + WPN Re-supported for Holdem Bot

We simply published version 7..6 from the Holdem Bot which adds support for Betfair Poker and re-supports Winning Poker Network after their recent software upgrade. This raises twelve iPoker rooms now, and also the bot works on all WPN network sites, typically the most popular being America's Cardroom, Blackchip Poker, and True Poker. You are able to download the most recent form of the bot here:


Why add another iPoker room? This is exactly what we always request whenever we get demands, however when Betfair switched to iPoker we've got a lot of demands we could not ignore them. Still, I'm wondering exactly what the large deal was. I Quickly discovered.

Additionally to providing the best first time deposit bonuses around the iPoker Network, Betfair is managing a lucrative Speed Poker volume contest two times every month offering as many as $10,000 every time ($20,000 monthly give-away). Therefore it is a couple-week rake race, essentially, being run two times monthly, but for the relaxation of the season. Now, that do you supposed comes with an advantage in performing probably the most quantity of hands? A texas holdem bot, maybe?

This is exactly what the one who e-mailed me about this stated:

"William Hill went an identical promo some time back and that i are making money over $1,000 having a losing profile. Simplest money I available. With this Betfair Speed Poker promotion I'm absolutely cleaning."

That's it. The kitty has run out of the bag. Fast money at Betfair at this time, just stick the bot within the Speed Poker games and allow it to play 18 hrs each day. Heck, that's exactly what the website is requesting. Remember, our bot may also multi-table Speed Poker games. The amount of this cake are you going to grab?

There you have it for the time being. Have some fun at Betfair and WPN and we'll help you (or perhaps your bot) in the final table.


Shanky Technologies Team

May 14, 2013

Latest Holdem Bot Profile Results

Greetings Poker Botters,

Here i am in an update the way a couple of from the different profiles for that Holdem Bot do. First, the default profile that's obtainable in the bot is becoming on version 101 which is grinding full ring cash games as being a professional. This is often a standard tight-aggressive profile that changes well in short-handed play. Get one of the 57% rakeback deals for iPoker (available inside our community forum) and you also can't fail from it.

The disposable MTT tweak for your default profile remains up-to-date too. Our newer people loaded up yesterday then visited town, testing it in every single MTT nearby. This is just what he just reported relating to this inside the forum:

"I've carried out an excellent 50 MTTs within the last week, and i'm $400 up. The big cash was with me at night playing the best table (profile showed up unassisted and with an above average stack in the 350 guy area) which i ongoing to win it, but I've come across it place 3rd from 150, sixth from 500 (freeroll) plus make numerous other final tables, totally unassisted."

Measuring only a few of the tournament profile doing a little of significant damage lately. Probably the most popular profiles inside our forum is actually the "KGB" profile, and the other day an connect released a screenshot of his recent results from it:

As you have seen, he's hundreds of dollars for the good after just 16 suprisingly low buy-in occasions, most of them only $3 entry costs. Who states low fresh paint paint rollers can't make money nowadays?

A completely new member who attempted Zulu's "Millennium" profile in micro-cash games had this to condition:

"I made $25 around the 2,000-hands session at NL2 LOL - many thanksInch

Plus there's that darn "Tensor" fixed limit cash game profile. I am unsure what to say on that certain, aside from to merely demonstrate the newest graph released with this:

Clearly, quite a few clients prefer to tweak their particular profile, that's great - because by doing this, you've something you alone use. You possibly can make the bot do anything for nearly any poker situation, and tweak as handful of or as much plays as you wish. It's very user-friendly to accomplish, which we usually get complete beginners current with this very quickly.

The current type of the Holdem Bot is 6.8.7, which fixes the bot for your recent iPoker room software upgrades. Make certain to start to see the latest instructions for screenshots in the proper poker lobby designs changes, when you must now take three seconds to configure the betting buttons at a few of the iPoker rooms. You will find downloaded 6.8.7 yet, it is possible here:


We presently support 11 different iPoker rooms (including two Italian then one French room), 888 Poker, Bodog and Bovada, plus 3 Revolution/Cake rooms. There exists a completely new USA-friendly room presently inside the beta testing phase, and you'll be announcing support with this shortly - and that means you Us citizens please consider your announcement (and boy, will be the games soft - our beta testers are killing the cash games there whichever profile they'll use).

That's it for the moment. If you want a license, there is a hyperlink to purchase one round the bot itself. Have a great time within the tables and we'll assist you to (or possibly your bot) within the cashier window.


Shanky Technologies Team

March 13, 2013

New Holdem Bot Tips and Strategies

We've been getting questions from clients with really small bankrolls about the easiest way to allow them to use our Holdem Bot software. We always recommend the "rags to riches" approach to these folks, that is a strategy made famous by professional poker player Chris Fergusen. It really works such as this:

Make no deposits whatsoever, and merely make use of the bot to experience free-roll competitions - or, create a small deposit and merely take part in the $1 entry MTT's. Make use of the free MTT profile we've published on our website.

poker bot steps
poker bot bankroll
Eventually you'll develop a bankroll carrying this out. Whenever you achieve $100, start mixing in certain $2 and thoroughly selected $3 buy-in occasions. Whenever you achieve $250, start mixing in $5 buy-in occasions. When you are getting to $500, start mixing in $10 occasions, along with a couple of carefully-selected $15 occasions in some places.
When you are getting to $1,000, start mixing within the $20 occasions, and when you are getting to $1500, start mixing in $30 occasions.

This process works, folks - and it is very much of much more fun than making multiple deposits and getting individuals good and the bad natural in cash games and SNG's. It will take persistence, but we've several people who eventually developed bankrolls within the 1000's carrying this out, without ever getting designed a deposit.

Consequently, there's a warm new profile within our forum marketplace that's created for fixed-limit. This can be a great way of manipulating the shifts in cash games. The majority of us make use of the bot without-Limit, obviously, as that's where the majority of the action is - but maybe you're ready to revisit fixed limit.

Excellent. Obviously, that profile isn't free, but we all do possess a free fixed-limit profile within the discussion board which has become good feedback and may be easily tweaked the way you like (especially if you are a experienced fixed-limit player).

Have some fun going from rags to riches and botting fixed-limit holdem again. We'll help you in the cage.

January 22, 2013

Poker Bot News 2013

cheat poker bot
Greetings Poker Botters for the new 2013 year!

You may already know, our Holdem bot could be completely personalized through the user to experience in whatever way you would like for just about any poker situation. So, a number of our people have produced and saved special playing profiles for that bot, a few of which are published and readily available for anybody to make use of within our discussion board. Here's some recent feedback from botters who've attempted a few of the free profiles within the forum.

Lion MTT Profile:

"This profile just required third spot for $846 inside a $30 buy-in MTT."

"Used this in 2 freeroll competitions and cashed both occasions."

"From 92 gamers on the $5 buyin, I awoke today to some $92 second place prize."

Wild Bill Profile:

"I love this profile for iPoker - and that i enjoy it a great deal.Inch

"This factor is definitely an iPoker cash machine."

"Most entertaining profile I've come across.Inch

"I love to load Wild Bill after i am within the profit an MTT, it finishes great."

Lucky1's SNG profile:

"Just began using that one and am very impressed."

"Required first devote the very first SNG I attempted it in!"

"I really like this profile."

You are able to download the most recent form of the bot here

Should you prefer a license, there's a hyperlink for buying one around the bot menu itself, or at the end from the profile page above.

Remember, the bot are now able to identify opponent screen names in the iPoker rooms. Which means you should use your Poker Tracker or Holdem Manager databases to recognize gamers with heavily-problematic playing styles and also have the bot instantly play in a certain style against them (for instance, always creating a flop continuation wager against gamers who have a superior flop-fold percentage, or checking and calling with strong on the job the flop and switch against gamers with maniac stats).

There you have it for the time being. Enjoy the various profiles and we'll help you-or perhaps your bot-in the tables.


Shanky Technologies Team