December 10, 2012

10,000 Member Celebration

Bonus Bots is proud to acknowledge there are a lot more than 10,000 people registered within our discussion board. (Many of them were registered individually, by hand by Egor.)

No, that does not mean you will find 10,000 Holdem Bots available playing internet poker. By good estimate, you will find approximately 700 and 800 licenses live at any time, and most likely a maximum of 200 serious, active customers who bot every day. A lot of our clients only bet additional numbers MTT's. So, the bots are dispersed out over different game types and limits, well as over the 4 different poker systems presently supported.

A lot of our clients happen to be doing very well lately. This is a connect to a chart published by our more recent people, 'sharckattack,' that has been fine-tuning their own profile for Speed Poker cash games around the iPoker network:

Spectacular. Plus there is old-time member 'cmonzanja' who employed a group of volunteers within the forum to check his tournament profile in 1-table SNG's. He was curious to determine how an SNG profile without any bubble code would do. They was expected to play only $5.50 buy-in "speed" single-table sit-n-go's around the iPoker network. An astonishing 5577 SNG's were performed throughout the testing during the last handful of several weeks. The graph of the outcome is published here:

Individuals answers are incredible, and the majority of us feel it proves that you're best disregarding the bubble completely in 1-table SNG's. Read the thread from the entire experiment within the Personal Journals portion of the discussion board. The profile can also be obtainable in the forum.

You will find been botting recently but are planning on returning in it, now is a superb time. The very first factor you must do is download the most recent form of the bot, version 6.7.3, here:

Should you prefer a license, you can buy one in the link around the bot menu itself.

There you have it for the time being. Visit the forum soon to spend time with 10,000 of the nearest poker-botting buddies, enjoy yourself in the tables.