November 5, 2012

Everest Poker Now Supported for Holdem Bot

Greetings Poker-Botters,

We simply launched version 6.6.9 from the Holdem Bot, which adds support for Everest Poker - including French and The spanish language citizens too (welcome to the games, The country!) You are able to download the brand new form of the bot.

Everest Poker just became a member of the iPoker Network. This really is very good news simply because they had their very own player base composed of 1000's of gamers. Which means the iPoker network all of a sudden has 1000's of additional gamers, and Everest Poker has become a huge increase of recent gamers overnight. This new mixture of gamers is creating soft cash games and enormous MTT fields, perfect conditions for any bot.

Actually, this is a report from our completely new clients that has been putting the bot in freeroll competitions, using some of the free profiles obtainable in our discussion board:

"Yesterday I'd my first 2 achievements: An eleventh devote-the-money finish after which then a 3rd place finish along with a nice $50 win! They were both pretty deep fields, too. These both came using a combination of the mtt.txt and wildbill.txt profiles from Egor, so thanks very mucho!"

That relate is rather typical, along with the Everest/iPoker merge things is only going to improve. If you're not using our bot to experience MTT's you do not know what you're missing, and when you aren't a minimum of utilizing it to place your player points to operate in player-point freeroll MTTs you're departing free money up for grabs, basically.

Must you obtain a Holdem Bot license? It can be done at this time.

There you have it for the time being. Have some fun botting at Everest and we'll help you (or perhaps your bot) in the tables.