October 30, 2012

Tracking Software and Poker Bots

I am sure you've probably heard of PokerTracker (PT3) and perhaps even Hold'em Manager (HEM), but possibly you do not really begin to see the reason for investing cash on extra software.

Well you will find a lot of reasons for buying these programs. They differ based on what type of poker you're playing.

Because this website is focused to Poker Bots, I'll explain why miracle traffic bot is really helpful to someone who works one.

First of all, it's the most effective method to keep an eye on all of your winnings and understand what rate you're winning at (BB/100 for money games or Return on investment for tourney's and Sit n Go's)*. If you wish to know how much cash you won some loot between The month of january 1, 2010 and The month of january 20, 2010, miracle traffic bot will explain. If you wish to track winnings with various profiles, you are able to setup different databases. This really is great for those who have a couple of different player profiles for you personally Poker Bot, try not to know which is winning as much as possible for you personally.

Another fantastic way to use monitoring software programs are by monitoring statistics to be able to easily plug holes inside your game. When managing a Poker Bot, you might see that you're winning at 2.5BB/100 over an excellent sample size. Possibly you are quite happy with this, but would not it be better in case your Poker Bot could win at 3.5BB/100 or 5BB/100? Obviously. Monitoring software enables you to definitely stock up all your hands histories, and break them lower 100s of various ways. What hands are you currently taking a loss with? Would you 3-wager too frequently? Are you currently taking a loss around the button (probably the most lucrative position)? Miracle traffic bot enables you to definitely easily evaluate many of these things and much more having a couple of mouse clicks.

By using this approach and fine-tuning just my Poker Bots before the flop play, I could have a profile winning at 3-4 BB/100 on pot limit games, to winning around 10 BB/100 on individuals same games.

Another additional advantage that can not be easily quantified, is really a much more powerful knowledge of poker. I performed winning poker for nearly four years before I acquired into Poker Bots. I figured I understood everything there is to understand since i could win consistently around the $5 SNG's. I had been as ignorant as you might be. I literally understood nothing about playing poker, apart from a good strategy that happened to win money. Monitoring software could possibly be the window to ideas, methods and plays that you'd otherwise don't know been around.

*BB/100 is the amount of large bets (usually two times the large blind) that won by you every 100 hands, Return on investment is just the roi. Should you pay $1 to go in a tournament and win $2, then you've 100% Return on investment.