October 30, 2012

Poker Bots in Fixed Limit Games

Back about the center of the final decade, the only real poker bots you'd find playing in games were within the low stakes fixed limit games. It had been thought that they are the very best target for such software, being as the overall game now is easier without getting the component of wager dimensions to cope with. Actually even today the OPI Bots still only bet additional numbers these games, normally the very cheapest stakes like .25/.50, so that they can grind out rakeback.

The recognition of No Limit Holdem skyrocketed however, and knowning that some determined and inventive people have modified poker bots to experience during these games. Consequently it had been discovered that they're really much simpler to conquer. It is because your competitors can make a lot more costly mistakes in No Limit. In Fixed Limit they rarely get some things wrong that cost them greater than a handful of bets, and with pot odds is really a great play there even if holding what's clearly the worst hands.

Actually within the Bonus Bots discussion board you will find very couple of, if any, fixed limit profiles. Beating anything further than the micro stakes in Fixed Limit has shown to be harder than beating similar stakes games in No Limit. It is actually a far more complicated game since the correct play is harder to determine.

That does not mean you can't write a great Limit profile. If this sounds like your game, we encourage you to definitely give it a try. You'll have less competition from bots and might have the ability to charge a hefty cost for this within the forum!