October 22, 2012

Poker Bots at Bodog and Bovada

Bodog would be a popular poker-botting venue before they split up into two different sites with various player pools. Following the split, the majority of the botting action is happening at Bovada, being because they are certainly one of a number of bot-tolerant poker sites who still welcome USA citizens. The American bots have less options nowadays. Finally look, the Shanky bot could still be applied out both Cake and Bovada, however.

Bodog / Bovada runs among the biggest sports books on the web for North-People in america. Because of this, the poker tables tend to be more lucrative at certain occasions of day there. While you most likely surmised, that point is evening North-American time, once the first round of wager-able sporting occasions is ending, as numerous bettors who won their bets today feel compelled to take a chance within the poker site, in which the sharks and bots await them.

Bodog happens to be noted for distributing numerous "guarantee" type MTT's that offer attractive overlays for that player. This occurs when you will find insufficient records for that entry costs to pay for the guaranteed payout amount. Then poker site must from the difference in individuals cases. That leads to an overlay for each player, but specifically for a texas holdem bot loaded with a decent MTT profile - like the free one at world wide. We've used that certain very effectively at Bodog and Bovada, making top-3 finishes in 200 player fields frequently, including some 1sts totally unassisted.

The secret to gaming these guaranteed MTTs would be to give consideration to the amount of records following the event is scheduled to visit off, before the late entry period has ended. You'll get used to it with somewhat practice. Stay with those which have the symptoms of apparent shortfalls in the amount of records, and also you cannot fail. Let all of the losing sports gamblers subsidize your poker earnings.

The only real downside of Bodog/Bovada is that they have frequent software updates, most of which require bots to become reprogrammed to be able to work after that. For your reason these rooms use and from support more often for that bots. Look into the Shanky site - if it's not presently supported, it ought to be back soon.