September 26, 2012

Trick Discovered for Bodog/Bovada

Earlier this year, we introduced support for Bodog and Bovada within the new edition in our Holdem Bot software. A small amount of people reported problems to get the bot to see them and act there. We now have discovered a trick which fixes this problem for individuals people.

It works out that some downloaded software packages produce a new extra home windows atmosphere variable inside your Personal computer registry which prevents our Holdem Bot from seeing them at Bodog/Bovada. This item can securely be removed, and also the bot will work there. We published instructions for doing it, along with a free application that is going to do it for you personally.

Since we added support for Bodog/Bovada, it appears the traditional times of poker-botting have returned for most people. Here are the comments published lately within our discussion board:

"I finished in 3rd devote an MTT while using free mtt.txt profile i finished in first devote a sit-n-go while using free Wild Bill profile."

"From 139 gamers in Tournament xxxx I arrived 3rd and won $138 while using free Lion profile."

"In a position to play four cash game tables at Bovada now, and my profile is winning - congrats men!"

Hop on in if you've been located on the sidelines, water is okay!