September 26, 2012

New Holdem Bot Profiles


New profiles for the Holdem Bot software are now being developed constantly. It is because our bot is totally user-configurable. Anybody can produce a new profile relatively rapidly, because there exists a solid default profile without anyone's knowledge that will dominate for just about any situations that aren't in your profile. Which means you are able to tweak an action in some places the way you like, and before very long you've your personal profile.

To prove this, I've produced a brand new profile that's only ten code-lines lengthy. Yet it plays a totally different game compared to default profile that is available in the bot, and it has been booking some large winning periods at NL25 and NL50 cash games recently. It is dependant on a texas holdem system referred to in Phil Gordon's "Little Eco-friendly Book" that is easy to play but hard to reduce the chances of. Essentially it releases up pre-flop with hands that may flop sets and drawing hands, after which shoves liberally around the flop with any decent drawing hands, set, two pair, or overpair.

The machine is guaranteed as your competitors will notice your frequent all-in shoves around the flop and begin calling liberally. So that they will call with top pair and encounter your overpair, two pair hands, and sets a great deal. In other cases they'll catch you with merely a drawing hands, but you'll make the draw about 1 / 3 of individuals occasions so when you're doing so will use them stark raving tilt. However this kind of play isn't for that average person, since you will be creating wild game conditions and can see some large shifts consequently. However it does appear to become a lucrative strategy over time, particularly if you would be the only apparent maniac while dining.

My new profile is known as "Egor's Little Eco-friendly Profile Tweak" and it is published about this special page which i set up, which isn't linked from elsewhere:

You are receiving this before others. By right now i'm the only person that has used it and that i like it. It's not published within our discussion board, or elsewhere for your matter. Enjoy. (To make use of this you need to simply load it in to the bot like a text profile. How to get this done is described within the Holdem Bot Instructions and takes around three seconds the default 'Doodle' profile will still run without anyone's knowledge for the situations not tweaked within this text profile.)

Also published around the above linked web page are recent graphs from a few of the hot new profiles within our discussion board which have been getting lots of attention recently. A number of them are "tweaks" and a number of them are complete self-contained profiles with 1000's of lines of code. They target different game conditions, so that you can pursue whatever game type you want.

Whatever game-type is the factor, we've got your back. If you want to make use of the bot as they are to obvious over $8,000 in first time deposit bonuses playing cash games, we've got your back in the room.

Enjoy the small Eco-friendly Profile tweak.