September 26, 2012

New Holdem Bot Profile Results

This can be a follow-up message concerning the new free profile I launched a few days ago for the Holdem Bot. Should you remember, it's known as "Egor's Little Eco-friendly Profile" since it is with different strategy detailed in Phil Gordon's Little Eco-friendly Poker Book. I haven't published this profile within our discussion board which is not linked from your website. The only method to have it comes from both of these emails I've now sent about this.

I simply up-to-date the page using the profile connect to incorporate a quite interesting graph. The next day of I introduced mtss is a couple days ago, a battling player at Cake Poker bought a bot license and began by using this profile. His results all of a sudden skyrocketed over the top. You can observe that graph and obtain the profile link only at that page:

Remember, this profile is simply a tweak so it's quite short. Just load it as being a text profile and the default profile without anyone's knowledge to experience the relaxation of the overall game. The Small Eco-friendly profile tweak is simply some code to create the bot push around the flop whenever it flops a great draw or perhaps a hands much better than top pair. Simple, but effective. Your competitors will not understand how to respond and they'll start calling business stack in the wrong occasions.

That page also offers some graphs for a few of the hot profiles which are presently popular within our discussion board. Brand new ones are now being published constantly and you will find always active threads that may help you learn to make your own profile (it truly is simple and easy , any experienced poker player can produce a good profile).

Obviously, you could just run the default profile and obvious the 1000's of dollars in first time deposit bonuses which are awaiting you at our ten presently supported poker rooms. The default profile plays an almost-perfect, solid tight-aggressive game (as possible evidenced through the stats published for this around the above linked page), therefore it can perform the hard work for you personally with reasonably low shifts.

Incidentally, some of the iPoker rooms lately did an application upgrade so you'll need the latest form of the bot to experience there. You are able to download version 6.1.1 now

There you have it for the time being. Enjoy the brand new profiles and we'll help you in the cashier window.