September 27, 2012

New Holdem Bot Profile Creation

The default profile which is available in our Holdem Bot is really a solid TAG-style No Limit player, with near-perfect stats, and it is considered a shark by Poker Edge. However, present day games will always be altering - so having the ability to design new profiles is a vital feature within our software. For this reason we've provided a simple-to-learn way of designing your personal actions within the bot, referred to as PPL.

A number of our people have produced their very own profiles and prosper together. It comes down lower to how good of the poker strategist you're. A few of these profiles have graphs with impressive stats, and therefore are offered within the marketplace portion of our discussion board. You may be the following player to produce a new profile, and select either to ensure that it stays to yourself or market it.

For instance, suppose you need to design a really aggressive 6-max cash game profile. Let us say you have finished getting re-elevated pre-flop in the button or even the blinds once you open-raise, and wish to 3-wager them a particular percentage of times no matter your hands holding (as lengthy his or her wager dimensions are much less large). An easy line such as this will have the desired effect:

before the flop
when botslastaction = raise and boosts = 1 and amounttocall < 6 and random <= 50 raise 85% force

That code-line will make the 3-bet after your open-raise is re-raised, and do it randomly 50% of the time, as long as the amount to call is below 6 big blinds. So if your open raise is typically to 3 big blinds, and these knuckleheads are re-raising you making it 5 more to call (or less), your profile will hit them back for about 85% of the pot more, half the time, randomly. See how intuitive that is? (The raise count will only be 1 because the bots own actions are not included in the bet/raise count in PPL.)

Obviously now, you want to make a flop continuation bet when only against one opponent. That code-line would look like this:

when botslastaction = raise and raisesbeforeflop = 1 and botsactionsonthisround = 0 and opponents = 1 and bets = 0 and raises = 0 bet 75% force



With that code-line you will always follow your pre-flop 3-bet with a bet of 75% of the pot on the flop if only against one opponent, regardless of what you hold or what flops. Most of the time, that move will take the pot down right there. But, some 6-max opponents are tricky. So you may want to program a re-raise when you get raised about 1/3 of the time, just to keep them on their toes. That code-line would go right underneath the above one, and might look like this:

when botslastaction = bet and botslastpreflop action = raise and raisesbeforeflop = 1 and botsactionsonthisround = 1 and opponents = 1 and bets = 0 and raises = 1 and amounttocall < 40% potsize and random <= 33 raise 85% force

Remember, this is all without specifying what flopped or what hand you hold, which of course can also be added if you like. You might also decide to check-raise from first position 33% of the time randomly, which can be added with another code-line. But with these three code-lines above you will have a very aggressive 6-max cash game player. In fact, you can take these right out if this email and add them to any decent cash game profile (such as the one that comes in the bot), and start giving your 6-max opponents fits. When they see that you are prone to play back at them, they will think twice before trying to run over you.

Holdem Poker Bot:

The PPL coding language is easy to pick up, as you can see. There are about ten of us who will help you with your code-lines inside our support forum, 24-hours per day. So, it's just a matter of how good you are. Do you have a winning strategy, for any game type? We have members who have created profiles for DON games, heads up tables, regular SNGs, and just about every other game type (including fixed limit profiles). Can your profile beat your target game? We are betting it can, if you are good enough.

We have a page posted with information about various profiles that have already been created.

You can also get the link to download the latest version of the bot on that page, along with the link to purchase a license for it if you need one.

That's it for now - have fun creating your own winning profile and we will see you at the cage.