September 23, 2012

New Bonuses for Our Poker Bot

You had been thinking about our Blackjack Bot previously. Regrettably that method is a victim of their own success, and consequently most casinos no more allow blackjack to obvious the deposit bonus having a low enough wagering requirement to really make it useful. (Although there's still $320 in expected value in the three remaining casinos who're still "playing ball" the very first month, plus $170 monthly in expected value in the reload bonuses at casino.internet.)

But are you aware there's $4600 in register bonuses offered by the internet poker sites our poker bot supports? That's NOT counting UB or Full Tilt, whose current status is questionable. The majority of that's from Bodog and also the four iPoker network rooms that people now support. Clearing all individuals bonuses is extremely possible using our Holdem Bot software, especially because it can enjoy as much as six tables at any given time.

If you're utilized to bagging casino bonuses, your next real question is most likely concerning the expected value from all of these poker bonuses by using the poker bot. Good question. The default profile which comes free within the bot has become on version 95. Which means we've enhanced it 95 occasions since we first launched it over 3 years ago. It's now a good winning profile in low to medium stakes No Limit cash games. Technology-not only at stakes up to NL25 (that's, blinds of .10/.25 having a max buyin of $25) and be prepared to win money from playing additionally to clearing the deposit bonus.

The end result is, we figure the EV around the above pointed out $4600 price of first time deposit bonuses to be with $5000. Be assured, that's a really conservative estimation. These funds are quite literally a slave to, waiting to take. You don't have to be considered a poker expert. People exactly like you are shouting and raving, posting success tales within our discussion board nearly every day. All that you should do is download the disposable demo and have fun with it for a little, after which purchase a license, and from you go. You are able to download the most recent version (that has version 95 from the default profile incorporated) here:

Among the advantages of our Holdem Poker Bot is the fact that bagging bonuses isn't the finish of creating profits by using it. If you want to obtain called in, after creating a bankroll in the first time deposit bonuses, we are able to demonstrate steps to make a stable monthly earnings utilizing it to experience competitions. We actually possess some awesome methods nowadays and therefore are pleased to share them within our discussion board. For instance, think about this graph published by our clients:

Observe how they're up over $1200 already, which is from playing low buy-in competitions (under $20) using among the tournament profiles obtainable in our discussion board. We also have some add-on software which will join the competitions for you personally all day long lengthy without you needing to attend your pc.

Not at the computer - that's what it's about. If you're not using our poker bot to cash first time deposit bonuses and win awards in competitions, you're literally letting 1000's of dollars that may be yours just wallow in it. Avoid that. A couple of mouse clicks each day is what is needed. Plus, using our poker bot software programs are most likely probably the most fun you'll have together with your clothes on. Seriously. We invite you to definitely jump in now.