September 26, 2012

Important Poker Bot Update

Greetings Poker Botters,

It is really an update to allow guess what happens is happening with this Holdem Bot software. To begin with, the 2012 iPoker software upgrade has been implemented in the various Titan Poker sites and William Hill Poker. We expect so that it is affected in the relaxation from the iPoker sites inside a couple of days. Fortunately, iPoker appears to possess gone from their method to accommodate us. All that you should do in order to make certain our poker bots still work there's to alter the configurations within the poker client software lobby towards the "classic" lobby. The road with this within the poker site software lobby is the following:

Visit the Primary Lobby --> Options --> Lobby View --> Mode --> Classic

Talking about iPoker, most of the profiles readily available for our Holdem Bot do well there recently. This is a graph showing recent results which was published within our discussion board by our people who's playing 6-max NL Cash games there:

As you can tell, he's up a lot more than 2,000 large blinds after getting used the bot to experience a bit more than 17,000 hands. This report is rather typical, being as our Holdem Bot is really a solid cash-gamer out of your box. However our people still develop new profiles for this which target different game types. An ideal example is member "webber" that has been focusing on a brand new profile that is an expert within the "double or freeInch SNGs that are popular at both Cake Poker and also the iPoker rooms. This is actually the latest graph showing recent results for this new profile:

That's over $300 in winnings in around 275 games performed, that is pretty good. Bear in mind these results don't range from the first time deposit bonuses that are being removed concurrently. Developing new profiles such as this which target specific game conditions is exactly what really makes poker-botting an enjoyable hobby. We encourage everyone to get this done. Our poker bot download includes complete instructions to make your personal profile (together with the 200-hands free trial offer). You may make the bot play in whatever way you need to for just about any poker situation and save individuals instructions as the own profile.

However if you don't desire to make your own profile, you will find lots of ready-made profiles which happen to be produced which you can use. Including "Wild Bill," our sensational loose-aggressive profile that is free for everyone to download and employ. You will get more details about that certain, together with the download link for that new edition in our Holdem Bot.

So, there you have it for the time being. Enjoy the various profiles readily available for our Holdem Bot, and do try creating your personal. If you want any assist with that simply publish your question within our discussion board and we'll hurry to help you. Help you in the cashier window.