September 27, 2012

Important Poker Bot Notice

Attention Poker Botters:

Our webpages were loading slow a week ago and that we apologize for your. The server issues are fixed and you may now download the most recent form of our Holdem Bot software, which now supports 888 Poker along with the Speed Poker tables at William Hill, Titan, Bet365, and Poker770.

We just upgraded both our Omaha bots for the latest iPoker additions and fixes, and therefore are managing a special 2-for-1 license deal in it at this time. Which means you will get both Omaha-Hi Bot and also the Omaha/8 Bot for just $99, as the special lasts. You will get more particulars.

The experience at 888 Poker is nice, and our Holdem Bot will have all of the different table types there. Speed Poker in the iPoker rooms is obtaining increasingly more traffic every single day, also it appears that any tight-aggressive profile loaded within our bot (like the default profile it arrives with) is a great wager during these games. The Omaha action at iPoker is nice too. Poker botting is warming up again, therefore it is a lot of fun to obtain involved.

There you have it for the time being. Help you in the tables.