September 23, 2012

Important Holdem Bot News

We simply published Holdem Bot version 5.9.6 using the following additional features:

A) New user-defined PPL-variable. The brand new (May 4) PPL Guide describes using this at length, however it produces a method to define complicated situations that happened on the previous betting round and employ them to make choices later within the hands.

B) New default profile "Doodle 94" which now includes these new user-defined situations to enhance its play much more.

It is not such as the default profile really needed anymore enhancements. A good tight-aggressive NL cash gamer, our people have used it to grind profits in low-stakes cash games and obvious 1000's of dollars in first time deposit bonuses whatsoever our supported poker sites. This graph shows typical results, that was recorded in NL2 games from over 200,000 hands performed and was published by our people unrequested:

Now bear in mind that graph was mostly from Doodle version 80. It's now been enhanced upon 14 occasions since that time. The most recent version could make sophisticated professional-like plays. For instance, realizing that the aggressive raiser around the flop was an earlier-position pre-flop limp-raiser, after which setting up TPTK for any large raise (since that virtually verifies the opponent holds AA or KK). Which example is only the tip from the iceberg. Making individuals types of professional laydowns it why is pros, pros.

Finances people confirming excellent results using Doodle 94 in stakes up to NL100 at Bodog, Full Tilt, and iPoker. And also the better profile designers within our discussion board happen to be turning out enhanced new versions of all of the profiles while using new user-defined variable. This new feature will transform poker-botting!

Incidentally, our bot is functioning well at both Bodog and Cake Poker, and these two rooms are business-as-conventional USA citizens. Both are very solid and aren't going anywhere, especially Bodog who is among the greatest sports books on the planet and it has were built with a bullet-proof USA infrastructure in position for several years.

There's no doubt our Holdem Bot is easily the most sophisticated product available which has have you been developed, as continues to be recommended inside a recent New You are able to Occasions article in addition to a national radio program broadcast in the united states recently. There are become aboard yet, now is a superb time, because the poker sites appear to like us out of the blue - and also the profiles are playing some seriously strong poker now. You are able to download the most recent form of the bot here:

There you have it for the time being. Not that you'll require it, but you want you best of luck poker-botting. Help you in the cage.