September 26, 2012

Hot New Holdem Bot Profile

We simply published a completely new profile for the Holdem Bot named "Wild Bill." This factor continues to be absolutely tearing in the tables at Cake Poker (where we examined it during the last couple of days), and it is available these days towards the public for the first time. Wild Bill is an extremely effective "all-in-oneInch profile you can use in No Limit cash games, 1-table SNGs, MTTs, as well as double-up SNGs. All with similar profile! On top of that, it's free. You have access to it and look for some screenshots from it for action about this web site:

Wild Bill may appear to become a little wild for many individuals, but there's a genuine approach to its madness. Within our opinion tight profiles have become much less good at the reduced stakes games nowadays. A great loose-aggressive profile like that one is a terrific way to combat that trend, and it is hard for competitors to take advantage of. When they attempt to raise this bad boy off a hands, they might finish up searching in a push in reaction - and for that reason be not as likely to bully it any more.

You should use Wild Bill at this time, at any one of our supported poker sites. As you can tell in the pictures and also the profile description around the above web site, you will probably prosper by using it - no matter what game type you place it in. As this profile is brand spanking new, not so many people are utilizing it yet. So much of your competitors won't be acquainted with this kind of play and will not understand what hit them. Heck, they most likely will not think to obtain the license plate off your truck once you flatten them.

Talking about supported poker sites, we simply added support for any new Everleaf network site known as 5Poker5. Why did we all do this? Because we've arranged a really special 43% rakeback deal for you personally here, the best idea Everleaf network offer we have seen anywhere. To obtain this deal all you need to do is register, deposit a minimum of $100, and send us an email your username. We'll take proper care of the relaxation and email you back confirmation within 48 hrs. You do not even want to use the bot with this if you won't want to -why the heck wouldn't you?

So there you have it for the time being. Having a 43% rakeback deal along with a tough loose-aggressive profile it will likely be hard to lose. You are able to download version of the Holdem Bot, that has support for 5Poker5 and also the latest instructions, from the link around the above published web site. Enjoy Wild Bill and we'll help you in the cashier window.