September 23, 2012

Holdem Bot Success Stories

We thought you may be thinking about a few of the success tales our people happen to be discussing within our discussion board, while using Holdem Bot to construct a bankroll after which earn a regular monthly earnings from this. This can be a simple enough factor to complete nowadays, because of the accessibility to many solid free profiles you can use in a number of game conditions. For instance, our more recent people "wpt2006" has lately published:

"...thriving using the free DON profile, winning in a 60% rate."

DON's are "double or freeInch 1-table SNG's in which you only have to overcome 1 / 2 of the ten-person table to obtain back double your buy-in. They are gaining popularity on the iPoker rooms and Bodog, that are presently the websites our people are getting probably the most success using the bot at overall. The disposable Don profile he pointed out obtainable here:

http://world wide

One of the most popular free profiles may be the free "MTT Package" modification from the Doodle profile, which may be utilized at world wide Many deep final table finishes happen to be reported by using it within the several weeks and years, and also the latest version is the greatest one yet. This is a graph published by lengthy-time member "Andra" showing results over just 38 from the little $1 to $5 entry occasions:

That stair-walking pattern is exactly what an average winning MTT player results graph appears like. Gradual downward slopes are interrupted by large spikes up whenever you create a deep final table finish. It'll carry on like this, that is a terrific way to increase your decent bankroll by beginning small. Actually, many people have started having a balance and run it into 1000's by beginning with free-comes. You'll be able to progress towards the greater buy-in occasions like member "luna baby wolves" has, who just published this graph of his MTT leads to the forum:

He was utilizing a more recent compensated profile from your marketplace known as the KGB profile, which appears to become rapidly attaining a sizable group of followers. Yet it's questionable set up compensated profiles are even worth buying, since the free ones appear to do equally well, as possible evidenced with this publish from more recent member "riverrat":

"...I lately switched a $1 buyin into $7000, yes $7000. I made use of the power Bot and also the free Doodle profile..."

He did not wish to publish anymore particulars about what he did, for apparent reasons, but that's one heck of the pay day however he made it happen. It type of seems like a large MTT score, possibly fueled with a satellite entry win first, so he most likely was while using free MTT-modified Doodle profile that's linked above.

The way in which many people begin with the bot is as simple as simply while using free Doodle cash game profile (which comes built-to the bot) to obvious hundreds of dollars in first time deposit bonuses. They evaluate which they would like to do after that, after improving up their bankroll using the bonus money. As you can tell you will find lots of creative options. Whichever way you choose to get it done, we all know you'll have a blast doing the work. Our software has to be probably the most fun factor available, which could also cause you to a great little side-earnings in the internet poker rooms.

There you have it for the time being. Have some fun in the tables and we'll help you in the cashier.