September 27, 2012

Holdem Bot Now Supports 888 Poker and Speed Poker Tables at iPoker

Greetings Poker Botters,

We simply published version 6.4.7 in our very popular Holdem Bot software. This version adds support for 888 Poker and Speed Poker tables in the iPoker rooms. You are able to download the brand new form of the bot.

Of course, all existing license holders obtain the upgrade free of charge. Should you choose not possess a license, this is the time to have it. We're holding the license fee at $129 for any couple of more days, to be able to give individuals individuals who've been awaiting 888 support an opportunity to enter before we enhance the cost to $159. (There's a hyperlink to buy the license around the primary bot menu.)

888 Poker is presently among the biggest poker sites on the web, although they don't presently allow gamers in the USA. The Holdem action is nice there across all game structures, fueled by among the greatest internet casinos and sports book, which spells good looking for poker bot proprietors. Be sure that you set the poker software configurations just as we demonstrate within the new instructions, such as the chair preferences for those table types.

Speed Poker is extremely popular in the iPoker rooms nowadays, and you can easily understand why. Having the ability to play up to 300 hands each hour, you will get in to the long term fast. At these tables you've different competitors every hands worked, so nobody is having to pay manual intervention to the way you play. This can be a perfect situation for any bot. A number of our people happen to be creating their very own methods to plug in to the bot for Speed Poker. Here's a concept: Play large cards tight but set-mine liberally and push any time you flop a collection, fishing for knuckleheads who'll call business stack with TPTK.

There you have it for the time being. Large situations are happening, therefore we know you need to get cracking using the bot at 888 and also the Speed Poker tables. Make hay as the sun stands out.