August 8, 2012

Holdem Bot Now Supports 888 Poker and Speed Poker Tables at iPoker

Greetings Poker BOTTERS,


We've just launched version 6.4.7 software Holdem Bot very popular. This version adds support for Poker and 888 Poker tables as fast as possible of iPoker rooms. You are able to download the brand new form of the bot here:


Of course, all existing license holders get free upgrade. Without having permission yet, this is the time to do this. We are using the fee to $ 129 for any couple of days, to be able to give individuals individuals who've been awaiting the opportunity to support 888 get before we enhance the cost to $ 159. (There's a hyperlink to buy the license in the primary menu of bots.)


888 Poker is presently among the biggest poker sites on the web, even when you presently do not let gamers in the U . s . States. The Holdem action is nice there through all of the structures of the overall game, run by among the biggest online casino and sports book, which spells good looking for poker bot proprietors. Be sure that you set the poker software just as we demonstrate the brand new instructions including chair preferences for those table types.


Speed Poker is extremely popular at iPoker rooms nowadays, and it's not hard to understand why. Having the ability to play over 300 hands each hour, you will get within the lengthy haul. These tables have different competitors each hands worked, so nobody is having to pay focus on the way you play. This can be a perfect situation for any bot. A number of our people happen to be creating their very own methods for connecting your bot for Poker. Here's a concept: play cards very close but set-liberally mine and push if you flop a collection, fishing for Knucklehead who call their stack with DEBATE.


That's all for the time being. Excellent achievements are happening, therefore we know that you would like to obtain cracking with bots at 888 Poker tables and speed. Make hay as the sun stands out.

August 7, 2012

Holdem Poker bot

Using our Holdem bots to see multi-table competitions is considered the most broadly used uses of our people. No real surprise lots of profiles of fine tournament were created with this. Right here are a handful of recent comments that within our community forum:

"Developed a 1000 Dollars cash in the $ 10 buy-in, totally without assistance".

"Had several A Dollar,000 cash while using the bot."

"Visited sleep watching you play in the bots, prone to take across the bubble. Because he awoke, the tournament was over which i had been Three Dollars,000 stronger. "

"Take advantage of the bot inside the primary event on Sunday Bodog and won $ 1200"

There's a great profile free tournament available, that quite a few people rant and rave about. More than a few unassisted top-three finishes were reported using, including some 1sts. You can get this at:

If you don't learn how to load profiles, see section 2 of Holdem Bot manual that is included with the download in the bot.

Speaking about which, the newest type of the bot is 6.3.5 which we advise everybody upgrade in it. This version instantly accumulates for individuals who've an adaptable put in home home windows within your registry that intervenes while using bot malfunctioned at Bodog and Bovada (safe removal instructions will be in the entrepreneurs manual once the bot accumulates this, plus a connect with a free of charge application that's going to get it done to suit your needs). You'll be able to download version 6.3.5 here:

Obviously, all existing license holders get free upgrade and license works instantly with recent version.

That's all for the moment. Have a great time to crush MTT and discover (or possibly your bot) within the final table.