July 26, 2012

Update on Poker Bot Challenges

Greetings Poker Sharks,

About five days ago we up-to-date yourself on the 2 "Rags to Riches" poker bot challenges happening within our discussion board. Member "cosmo27" is applying the Holdem Bot and member "Royal" continues to be using our Omaha bots. Both gamers began having a zero bankroll (by playing in freerolls), and therefore are following strict bankroll management rules in order to build 4-figure accounts on your own. Both are only while using bot to experience on their behalf, never interfering themselves. We think it is here we are at another update.

Both cosmo and Royal concentrated heavily around the recent Small-FTOPS competitions at Full Tilt, using satellites to springboard their distance to the greater-buyin occasions. They'd mixed results.


Before we up-to-date you, cosmo had switched a zero balance into about $250 after 2 several weeks. His bankroll rules don't permit him to play a lot more than the littlest buy-in MTT's with this amount, therefore it is been a sluggish grinding process for him - and a significant curler-coaster ride recently. However he's making progress. A few days ago he was as much as $700, consider has encounter a poor streak and it is now to just below $600.

Reading through his thread you are able to sense the pains of his recent dry spell. He's a method of writing that pulls you in to the experience. However would help remind cosmo (and also you) that simply five days ago he'd only $250. And lets' remember he began without a penny and today has over $500 just three several weeks later, rather than performed a hands of poker themself!

Furthermore, the most difficult a part of these challenges gets off the floor -- after which which makes it towards the first $1,000. If he is able to stay I am some things can get simpler at that time, as evidenced by Royal's challenge.


Rapid form of this update is: It's over. You heard right, done. No, he did not go bankrupt! He arrived at his goal - as well as in grand fashion at this. Although not the way in which he thought he would achieve it.

This is actually an incredible story and when you've got a spare ten or fifteen minutes I recommend reading through the whole thread. You are able to be part of the aggravations from the slow, sputtering start after which within the periodic elation of creating an in-depth high-having to pay finish.

Before we up-to-date you Royal had accumulated about $4500 in five several weeks time. His goal was $10,000. A week ago he finally hit the conclusion line - only he did not just hit it, he obliterated it having a deep final-table finish that pressed his account over $12,000. This happened following a very frustrating Small-FTOPS where he just could not get anything going. So he satellited his distance to a large weekly event where he proceeded to trap a whitened-hot run of cards, and also the relaxation is history.

So this is a guy that began having a zero balance striking the freerolls, then parlayed his method to $12,000 in six several weeks time just using a poker bot. Bear in mind by using the car-starters we've available on the market nowadays (like keiths' Bot Commander) you do not even need to be for sale to place the bot within the tournament. You are able to subscribe to an MTT that begins in five hrs, start working, and also the software takes proper care of everything.

You will find some real training to become learned here. A lot of us have to stop fighting the futile battles we've selected to live in in the poker sites and begin accepting what they're offering. Bankroll management is the true secret here. Exactly the same profiles these men are utilizing are for sale to everybody, therefore it is only a matter of determination really. You do not even need anything to obtain began.

I suggest reading through the whole threads of these two challenges to get an understanding for that good and the bad, see where both of them got frustrated and almost threw in the towel, and learn the need for hanging inside and carrying out a well-created plan.

You are able to follow cosmo27's Holdem Bot challenge here:

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