July 17, 2012

Poker Bot News

Greetings Internet Poker Sharks,

This email is simply a quick update on recent developments to the Poker Bot software.

*FULL TILT UPGRADES. Within the last week Full Tilt upgraded their software two times, and both occasions we'd the fix published within 24 hrs. We actually do remain on surface of this. When these Full Tilt upgrades happen our software picks up it and retreats into "OCR Mode," which is simply a different method of reading through information. However, if playing in OCR mode you're restricted to playing less tables, since the chat window from the poker tables must remain visible whatsoever occasions.

Because we lately implemented a brand new feature that keeps you against opening additional tables too quickly, throughout the final Full Tilt upgrade you had been only permitted to experience one table. That situatio n ought to be temporary. Regardless, as already pointed out, you're usually only stuck in OCR way of 24 hrs at most. Full Tilt appears to possess been feeling relaxed now and hopefully we will not have any more software upgrades from their store for many several weeks, out of the box normal. If however we all do, we willquickly publish a fix (of course).

If you have downloaded the demo throughout one of these simple periods between Full Tilt upgrade fixes, you need to remove it out of your PC and download version 4.4.8 now, out of this page:

*DOODLE PROFILE. Our popular free "Doodle" profile keeps improving and. At this time it's difficult to imagine it getting far better, though. It now plays a good NL cash game at stakes as much as $50-max (.25/.50 blinds). Not to mention we have an easy amount of time in the more compact stakes games. You will find most likely a minimum of 100 people utilizing it right this very second -- across a variety of games types and stakes levels, whatsoever four in our supported poker sites, clearing bonuses and generating rakeback, plus making money as well. You will get the most recent version out of this thread (you will have to log in to the discussion board first):

* MTT's. There's an MTT form of the Doodle profile which has most likely been the very best stored secret within our forum - so far. Our people are beginning to report their success by using it simply because they cannot contain their enthusiasm. Within the last week alone there has been reviews of:

...a 90-guy SNG first place finish completely unassisted

...a 4t h place finish from 350 newcomers that compensated over $450 for any $10 entry fee

...three consecutively deep-money finishes in large-area occasions

...and numerous reviews of deep money finishes within the Daily Dollar at Full Tilt where this profile is beating out 8,000 competitors effortlessly. There are used that one you ought to be. You will get the most recent form of it here:

* O MAHA. There's a little, quiet number of people using our Omaha bot that do not talk much. The main reason they do not talk much is they don't wish to invite much competition. It might appear they have discovered a cash cow, and from things i hear they're doing pretty much at pushing it. It's all regulated because forum member "SaucedUp" is promoting some "rock-solid" profiles for the Omaha Hi-Lo bot (he sells within our Marketplace), including one which plays Omaha Hi-only cash games. Omaha Hi-only is really a boom market at this time, wit h lots of new gamers who're quite misguided about the need for their hands. You ca n see SaucedUp's marketplace thread here:

There you have it for the time being. Of course, all existing license holders obtain the upgrade free of charge, so make sure to download the most recent form of the bot. Enjoy the brand new profiles.