July 21, 2012

Poker Bot News December 2

Greetings Internet Poker Sharks,

We've were built with a rapid succession of poker bot upgrades lately and thought you want to get swept up on what's been happening. We're now as much as version 4.5.9 on bots, that have been just published today. You are able to download the most recent Holdem bot here

Here's what's new:

*Full Tilt - These men happen to be doing lots of software upgrades recently, applying additional features within their software. There have been three in the last two days alone. In every situation we'd the Holdem Bot fixed for this within 24 hrs from the upgrade. That's precisely how we roll at Shanky Technologies. It's significant the recent alternation in management at Full Tilt has had little interest in going after bot customers whatsoever. (They appear to love 100s of the best clients having to pay rake on auto-pilot for hrs on finish every single day.)

*Ultimate Wager - everybody did a current software upgrade which transformed the feel and look from the place. We love to it better now. There are performed their recently take a look. Version 4.5.9 of both our poker bots will work effortlessly here, and also the games are much softer than ever before. An increasing faction of devoted UBers within our forum are confirming ever-better results using our bots within the cash games there.

*Bodog - Up-to-date yesterday, fixed within the bot upgrade today (that's the way we roll). The money games listed here are especially soft on weekends following the football games finish, when all of the winning sports gamblers blow business winnings within the NL Holdem games - along with a couple of in our bots are often situated there to wash them out. You need to get in on that action. The guaranteed competitions at Bodog are some of the best on the web too actually the MTT form of the Doodle profile appears to create the cash generally in individuals. Try it out there are done this yet.

*Doodle turns 62 - Our popular Doodle profile just switched 62. That's, we simply published the 62nd form of it within the private portion of the forum free of charge download. It simply keeps improving and. For those who have never removed a whole deposit bonus as profit by using this profile, you have not attempted.

*Omaha - soon we'll come with an exciting announcement regarding Omaha. We are really not likely to allow the cat from the bag at this time, but anybody thinking about our Omaha Hi-Lo bot is wise to buy it now -- after which pass member 'SaucedUp's' package of Omaha profiles available on the market (they're only $40 along with a great value). You'll find hardly any bot competition within the very juicy Omaha cash games being worked across all of our supported poker sites.

There you have it for the time being. A unique because of the numerous forum people who've been confirming deep in-the-money finishes recently using our MTT Package, once we really adore to listen to these success tales. Peace.


Shanky Technologies Team