July 15, 2012

Opponent Stacksize Recognition for Holdem Bot

Greetings Internet Poker Sharks,

Case a fast note to individuals individuals who've been requesting new PPL variables that will permit the Holdem Bot to acknowledge opponent stack dimensions. We simply added four of these, that will identify: The biggest stack while dining, the littlest stack while dining, the number of competitors possess a bigger stack than yours, and just how many competitors have more compact stack than yours.

A few of the better profile designers within the forum happen to be focusing on enhanced SNG profiles with such techniques of evaluating opponent's stack dimensions. So start looking when for brand new and profiles targetting 1-table SNG's soon.

Talking about enhanced profiles, Egor's latest MTT Package combined using the Doodle profile continues to be reported by a number of different people as making deep money finishes recently -- including outlasting 90% from the newcomers inside a 3500 area for the reason that crazy Daily Dollar factor at Full Tilt. This profile was already combined for you personally, and it is readily available for free within the private portion of the forum. Just copy it right into a blank notepad and 'Save As' to your bot files folder.

There are used the "Auto Profile Holdem" feature you should attempt it. Just save any profile as 'AutoProfileHoldem' and it'll instantly load for each bot window you open because the default profile. No further action necessary, just open the bot.

We all do recommend MTT's like a practical target for the poker bot software (once you have removed the juicy register bonusof course). This is when the actual cash is. We'd several people report turning a little account into 1000's of dollars just using the bot to encourage them to the ultimate table, where then they dominate themselves - or otherwise. It is a great strategy in either case, and just dependent on time before you decide to hit an enormous pay day.

You are able to download version 4.3.3 which assists the brand new PPL variables here: